Makeup in shades of pink has become the main trend of 2017


One of the key beauty trends of 2017 was the makeup in pink shades. Makeup artists advise to take to the color very carefully. On the one hand, it refreshes the face, on the other – makes the image of a tired and painful. It all depends on the selected hue and the rules of application.

Offer five tips for using the new trend.

1. To eyes looked tired, swipe a thin line along upper lash with a black pencil or liner.

2. Monochromatic pink makeup makes the skin more visually fresh and young. But provided that performed correctly. Choose delicate shades and tones of fuchsia leave for a club party. Shade should be slightly sloppy – it will give a special charm.

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3. If you want to combine shadows, bet on gray, blue, violet, beige and lilac. You can also play on the contrast of pastel tones with deep rich. For example, select green pearlescent hue to pale pink shades.

4. Fashion piece of the season – a combination of pink eye shadow with red lipstick. Before applying the pink, paint your eyelid calm lilac shadows. This will make the makeup more expressive. To bright shade didn’t argue with red lipstick, carefully paint mascara on the lashes with black mascara. Draw a thin black arrow along the line growth upper lashes.

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5. Pink eye shadow, blush and lipstick – not the best choice for age makeup. Some shades of pink can make you visually above. Avoid saturated dense colors. Give preference to transparency.

Makeup artist Jasmina Daniel has reproduced on his lips pregnant photo shoot, Beyonce. 25-year-old girl publishes her work in social network Instagram under the name MissJazminaD. On a page signed by more than one million users.

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