Major sporting victory in 2018

Major sporting victory in 2018 See photos (16)
07:45 Today the Telegraph Telegraph Sport Collage Telegraph Sports news sports: Remember the main characters of the Ukrainian sports which delighted us in 2018.

Looking back, we can firmly say that 2018 was a year rich in sporting events. This winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and the 2018 world Cup football and many other sports forums. Yes, not always we expected success, but pleasant surprises and exciting wins in 2018, the year enough.

“Telegraph Sport” is a selection of the most brilliant victories of Ukrainian athletes in 2018 year.


Ukrainian Alexander Abramenko won the gold medal at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. His medal was the first in the history of Ukraine in freestyle at the Olympics. This is his fourth Olympics, and the first award.

In February, at the Olympic games in South Korea, our Olympic team only won one award – gold Alexander Abramenko . With the March performance of Ukrainians at the Paralympics this result is not to compare – then Ukraine won an incredible 22 medals – seven gold, seven silver and eight bronze.

Our team took sixth place in the overall medal standings.

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Ukrainian Elina Svitolina won in dramatic fashion in the final match of the Final tournament WTA in battle against the American tennis player Sloane Stephens. Despite the fact that the favorite in the final match thought Stevens, Svitolina managed to snatch her victory.

After the victory in Singapore, the Ukrainian has risen from sixth to fourth place of the WTA rankings.

In addition, this victory was triumviral Svitolina in Brisbane, Rome and Dubai. Only in 2018, she earned more than 5.23 million dollars in prize money.


Ukrainian fencer Olga Harlan won the world Cup-2018. In the overall standings, it was ahead of the Russian Grand Sofia and Anna Marton from Hungary.

For Ukrainian women it was the third triumph at the world Cup. Olga Harlan is a four-time medalist of the Olympic games.


The youngest world champion in the history of judo. 17-year-old Ukrainian judoka Daria Bilodid became world champion. In the final match Ukrainian for two minutes, won by IPPON in Funy Tanaka from Japan, who took the world championship in 2017 year.


This year Oleksandr Usyk became the absolute world champion on Boxing in crmservice (heavy weight). Three bright victories: over Briedis in Riga, on Murat by Gassieva in Moscow and over Tony Bellew in Manchester have made Cirrus the world’s only current absolute world champion. Thanks to the world Boxing series, he won the champion belt WBO, WBC, IBF and WBA. Protection zones in the UK in the battle against Bellew gave prospects for jumping to the heavyweight division, where the main goal is Anthony Joshua.


This year, Lomachenko defeated Jorge Linares won the title of world champion in the lightweight division. Moreover, the Ukrainian became world champion in a third weight class just for a record 12 matches. 8 Dec Basil combined titles at lightweight in a battle with Jose Pedrosoi.


Alexander Gvozdik won a spectacular victory by knockout in the 11th round against canadian Adonis Stevenson and became the new world champion.

I must say that Carnations became the fourth current world Boxing champion from Ukraine. In addition, Usyk and Lomachenko, a world champion is Artem, dalakan (15 December, the Ukrainian world champion under version WBA Flyweight Artem Dalakian defeated Gregorio LeBron).


21-year-old Ukrainian basketball player Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk became the player “Los Angeles Lakers”, where, this summer, crossed himself, LeBron James. In the NBA draft in 2018 Holy was selected in the second round under the General 47-m room club “Los Angeles Lakers”. After watching a few NBA clubs, Mikhailyuk became part of one of the most prestigious clubs in the League.


20-year-old Elizabeth Yakhno recognized as the best athlete in the world in synchronized swimming in 2018.

The new leader of the Ukraine national team in synchronized swimming Elizabeth Yakhno already in its first major event in a new way – the European championship has collected a complete set of awards. On account of its gold in the group, five silver medals and bronze in the individual technical program. Athlete shouldered the “burden of leadership” in the team and does a fantastic job of constantly showing a high result.

Also, the national team of Ukraine got the second gold in synchronized swimming, winning in the summer in Glasgow the title of Champions of Europe.


Natalia Prishchepa became the first ever athlete who managed to defend the title of European champion at the distance of 800 meters. The Ukrainian finished first in TH in Berlin with a time of 2:00.38 min. In 2016 in Amsterdam Natalia also became the first, breaking the distance in 1:59.70 min.

Also, Natalia Prischepa became the winner of the Fair Play Award (award for fair play) for assistance to the competitor. Winning the race, Natalia Prischepa is back on track to help to finish the opponent who fell. During the qualifying race of the European Championship in the 800 meters among women of Belgian Rene Aikens fell on the track during the hard struggle for a place in the top three. Therefore, the Ukrainian came back and helped the competitor to complete the race.


This summer, 19-year-old Ukrainian Andrei Lunin is a native of the Kharkiv region went to one of the most famous European clubs – real Madrid. Goalkeeper Dawn Luhansk and Ukraine national team won the hearts of Spaniards when at the presentation spoke in Spanish. In this transfer a few who believed, but miracles do happen. Now the shot is sent for sale to La Paz, but we believe that talented goalkeepers ahead.


Ukrainian swimmer Mykhailo Romanchuk became the winner of the world championship on short water in Chinese Hangzhou.

Romanchuk won the gold in the 1,500-meter freestyle, setting a record of the world Championships – 14 minutes 09,14 seconds.

In addition, at the European Championships in Glasgow Michael became multimodalism, winning two gold and a silver.


The Ukrainian fighters did not become world Champions in 2015 and this series was interrupted by Alla Cherkasova. At the world Championships in Budapest in the weight category up to 68 kg Alla received the gold medal, becoming the strongest wrestler on the Planet.

Having successfully overcome the way to the decisive battle, the Ukrainian lost in the final of the young Frenchwoman the Kumba Larok, however, showed real champion’s character and pulled out a clear victory with the score 15:10.


Ukrainian Samchyky – world champion in MMA

The main character of the Ukrainian team at the world championship in Bahrain was Daria Samchyky (up to 52 kg), which is in the final battle dealt with Swede Nina Beck and became the first Ukrainian world champion in MMA. The fight ended in the third round victory Samchyky knockout.


Biathlete Juliya dzhyma won the first individual gold medal in his career. Ukrainian biathlete Yulia Jim finished first in the individual race in Pokljuka, Slovenia, in the first stage of the world Cup, winning his first individual gold medal in his career. The athlete has closed all targets and overcame a 15-kilometer distance with the average of 43 minutes and 06,6 seconds. It is on 5.9 seconds ahead of second-ranked Polish girl Monika Hojnisz. Bronze Czech Marketa Davidova.


Vitali Klitschko became the first Ukrainian in the Hall of fame of Boxing. Famous in the recent past, super heavyweight boxer and current mayor of Kiev 46-year-old Vitali Klitschko introduced at the international hall and the Museum of Boxing glory.

“I would call it a fairy tale, which is not even dreamed of. My name appeared next to the names of such legends as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson. In the world there are millions of fighters, thousands of world Champions, but to be among the legends of world Boxing is really impressive!”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

This is not the whole list of significant victories of Ukrainians in the world of sports. Expect the 2019 year will catch the winning spirit and bring Ukrainians even more success.

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