Main achievements and failures of the Verkhovna Rada in 2018: analyst

The last working session day this year was today at the people’s of our members – and stayed to closing as many as ten lawmakers, the other four hundred went, and maybe left business or leisure. Will gather in the hall under the dome, they are now after all the Christmas and new year holidays – on January 15.

This was a live channel 24 said political analyst Nikolay Davidyuk.

“The closure of the parliamentary year say the parliamentary parties. This is the bold point that they could deliver. Moreover, the vote on the budget for them – a kind of finishing chord, after which the deputies scattered through the Islands, book a Villa in Switzerland and already done with these “worldly Affairs” in Ukraine, going on vacation, ” – said the analyst.


According to the expert, the case, which related to Thomas (in particular, the appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch), the creation of an anti-corruption court can be attributed to positive results in 2018.

Despite the entire game around martial law, it was interesting to watch the Parliament. As they broke of the President. And it is interesting, because the Parliament is not the first time revealed his name and beat the Bank. It was felt on the sidelines. Then Parliament was the Parliament, because usually he goes on about the President, he is willing to play along with everything he says
stressed Davidyuk.


Of the negative outcome of 2018, the expert called the ear, the corruption that is in Parliament: “Defect, betray, agree, vote not according to his will”. He also noted that left unresolved some important laws.

For example, the same decentralization that will enshrine in the Constitution. If the power changes, comes a new President (or even this in the new term), and says: “Look, it was the obligation at that time. Requested by the EU, and we did. Now, we want to give half of the money. Why mayors would this be determined? We’re better in Kiev know who and how much to give and what to spend”,
– the analyst suggested.

According to him, the result is that half of the funds will be disperse pockets, and 10% will go to the field.

It is negative because the reform started. It really shows that there are new people. It is an alternative to those politicians who now sit in the Verkhovna Rada. Because these people came of success stories, specific result, not stuffed pockets (not all of course). Therefore, this reform should consolidate, then it is harder to rewind,
assured Davidyuk.

Also, the analyst has not forgotten about that are still not adopted the law on the lifting of parliamentary immunity “… although in the early years we were fed Breakfast, they say, that’s it”. So Davidyuk said that today the results of sociological research on a few companies 70-75% is the confidence rating for the Central authorities.

Video of the full interview with political scientist Nikolay Daveycom


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