Magic stretch: what happens to the body if you do stretching every day

Stretching gives tone to the muscles. @linahrybovych

Stretching should be given more than 10 minutes before exercise. Stretching is necessary to allocate an entire training session. will help you to understand what useful workout stretching.

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1. Firmness and elasticity of the skin. During stretching the flow of blood to the muscles is greatly increased and supplies them with oxygen. A fast metabolism helps burn fat deposits and the skin becomes more taut. Going to the gym, you can say goodbye to cellulite in the abdomen and thighs.

2. Smooth posture. Regular exercise improves body balance and relieve stiffness in the muscles and lead normal location of the joints. Due to this pain disappear in the back and waist. Graceful gait now not seem a dream and half the day in your favorite boats a bad dream.

3. Painless menstrual cycle. Exercises enhance blood circulation in the pelvic organs and relaxes muscles that leads normalizatsii cycle and reduce spasm of the uterus. In addition, stamina and flexibility in the pelvic area can be applied in your sex life.

4. Getting rid of stress. A rush of blood struggling with cramps and clamps in the muscles, which arise through the release of stress hormones. Relaxation normalizes nerve conduction and helps to cope with negative emotions.

5. Self-confidence. Sit with straight back and walk with your head held high is quite real – exercise stretching have a effective psychological effect. Probably when you sit on the twine, everything else becomes indifferent.

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