Lyashko with his team dived into the hole

The feast of the Baptism of Oleg Lyashko dived with his team in a hole with the comment – “Uncle Chernomor and 33 heroes”.

about it reports a site “Informant”t “Informator”.

“Look at that gorgeous weather! The Lord help!” – that these words came from the leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko, who, like all Christians, believes that if Jordan can plunge into the water the whole year will be free of disease.

Behind the leader, did not hesitate to the hole went the deputies of the Radical party.

“I – Uncle Chernomor, and you – my 33 heroes”, – said Lyashko.

Policies before diving into the hole gave instructions to his team about the behavior on the water.

“Neat dive! And let’s count how many you have. To then went,” joked the leader of the RPL.

Oleg Lyashko thrice crossed himself before diving and asked the Lord for health for yourself, your family and all Ukrainians.

“Who dives today – and then does not hurt. And so must every Ukrainian family, because no one should hurt neither the children nor the elderly. Health should be everybody, because that is the most valuable. And today, in baptism, the Lord protects all” – said the MP.

The politician believes that Baptism can wash away all sins.

“I hope to God and all this dirt that is in the Ukraine – the dirt of poverty, of dependence, of slavery, of unemployment we face. To people have work, wages and well-being. May the Lord help our country”, – said the politician.

After diving Oleg Lyashko lined up his team in order to make historical photos.

Recall that according to analytical report of kiu Oleg Lyashko acknowledged as the most effective Deputy from among those who intend to participate in presidential elections.

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