Lunar Scam USA: the rocket Saturn 5

The United States flew to the moon only in your dreams, “documentary” filmotechnika aspects of the topic “fly something from the Americans to the moon, or not quite fly” has long sucked
to dryness. USA faked the moon landing. The Soviet leadership knew about it but chose to negotiate rather than


The benefits of snow and ice


All proven with tens of facts: the ostentatious launch and short flight to a nearby pond – the Atlantic, in heavily guarded squares. And ends in the water. For example, here is a photo from the archives of NASA:


July 16, 1969. The start of the mission “Apollo-11»


Where it is clearer? Before our eyes clearly visible in all three levels. Locate, as they say, differences. Or difficult?

But the entire collection from Wikipedia, the starting points of the great, unbeatable “Saturn-5”:


Look at the difference between the first, second and third steps.


The first step is a barrel of kerosene and liquid oxygen, which already 1300000 litres. And we see that this is real: as expected, the step is icy, covered with snow.

Second step – Oh. Warm and dry . While there, according to legend, 300,000 liters of the same liquid oxygen, and even 1000000 (million) litres of liquid hydrogen, whose temperature 70 Celsius is colder. So snow and ice there should be even more. The conclusion is simple – it is absolutely empty barrel.

The third stage is again empty. But it should be 100,000 liters of liquid oxygen and 250,000 liters of the same liquid hydrogen. No ice, no snow – sorry, it’s just the layout. What follows from this?

The fact that the “Saturn-5” was possible only a short flight (well, let’s say, two kilometers or three hundred) on the first level.The rest of the simulation, the prop house.

And here and there, squealed happily paid defender NASA, just the second and third stages of the thermal insulation! They are there at NASA and write – all the helium is blown! And the last photo in this series – not “Apollo” and “Skylab”! It is the same in the snow only the first step, however, the station is put into orbit!

Perfectly. Let’s deal. Even leave out the fact that the thermal conductivity of helium – 0,1437 W⁄(m·K).That’s more than all other gases except hydrogen, so the legend NASA’s strange, but Oh well.

What is this technical need was to mold the insulation? Stage is running a few minutes and is reset at the same weight thermal insulation in any case, many tons. But these tons do not just need to raise and acceleration. That is, it is useless to spend a huge resource of fuel.

And why would it in the second stage if there is insulation, and the first not? Diameter kind the same.In addition.

Whatever perfect thermal insulation, but if it is necessary to isolate a million litres of a liquid with temperature -252,87 °C, what would be on the outer surface? Minus 100? 80? 50? 30? 20? Come on NASA-meet the sheep – for example, even minus 20, even though it is unrealistic.Now ask around from friends of the pilots tell what happens with the aircraft at minus 20. And, by the way, let’s look at a contemporary NASA rocket – snow on the second-third stages of why that is.

So, today, after almost 50 years, during which the technical progress in the area of the insulating case, too, as if not quite there at the level of the 60-ies of the last century, the newest missiles (for example, “Falcon-9”) in all three levels also soar, as the first stage of “Saturn-5”.


Here is the start of “Falcon”:


Americans got rid of the insulation?

Why would it suddenly?

Was pokupatelyami?

Somehow not even funny.

Although here workers Baikonur, allegedly, it was still funny:

Mayor Nikolaev, combat crew commander of the so-called “Gagarin” launch that is located at a missile test site №2 of the Baikonur cosmodrome, and in the 60-ies carried out the launches of our astronauts all those years, expressing the General opinion, not hesitating, spoke publicly:

«When the news came of the flight of Americans to the moon in Baikonur laughter died all gophers, as the rocket “Saturn-5” nothing more than a myth. Even when comparing its characteristics with the characteristics of the Royal N-1 and kalameitsau UR-700, our options for lunar media, it is clear that we are dealing with a simple layout, not something real“.

To the opinion of Staroverov joined telemetric.

… no sooner had the Americans to complete their adventure, as the highest Soviet leadership realized that the landfill is primarily in the environment of Staroverov, engine specialists and telemetrists formed sufficiently rigid opposition to official recognition of the flight of Americans on the moon that could cause concern in its ranks. And here, in 1971-1972 General Kurushin, head of the polygon, organized filing top-shaped mayhem subordinate officers. Those who are still lieutenants began service with the Queen and General Shubnikovym (G. M.), were ruthlessly scattered to distant garrisons and SP-am. There the vast majority of them were burned or vodka, or eked out a miserable existence without any prospects for the future.

If you notice, even in those years, sounded the same words – just the layout. Now, about the Skylab. It’s the same as something bad.

You can, for example, to see the freezing at the start of “Skylab” if anyone has doubts that this is a clear layout, each starting only on the first level. So was there a boy?



A project of “Skylab” generally out of nowhere in 1972 in the thing in which the main rocket God USA von Braun after the victory of flying to the moon suddenly was sent as a watchman in a collective farm. There is a station with virtually no development (in 1970, right in the middle of the lunar triumph and colossus plans, NASA’s budget begins to dramatically cut back, and people started firing).

Similarly, flooded Skylab in 1979, early, early for three years, without much explanation.

Any non-us person it never was (although it was a time of international cooperation, “the Union-Apollo” and all that). All three station crew, according to legend, was there in the amount as much as a 171 day, and after that, in 1974, five years the station was empty. Plausibly?

And those artists, who, according to legend, NASA, allegedly flown, certainly do not inspire any confidence. For example, though, because in the first two Skylab crews lit Moon Pervoprokhodtsy the type of honest people Conrad and Bina, have already “been uttered” on the moon. Well, what normal person suddenly let go of yesterday’s clowns for real?

And the best part – in August 1973, just 3 months after the launch of “Skylab” (and for six months before returning from space last third of the crew), NASA has decided to conserve all the remaining “Saturn-5”. So to stop the show “flights of Skylab” was decided back then?



The moon landing was faked. I took Stanley Kubrick


American Patrick Murray published an interview Stanley Kubrick made 15 years ago. In it the famous Director admitted that all the videos of the moon landing of Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin – fake. In fact, the footage was filmed by Stanley Kubrick in a Studio on Earth.

Interview with film Director has appeared only now, as Murray had to sign a contract for 80 pages to disclose the contents of the conversation for 15 years since the death of Kubrick. Video interview published to the portal

“I committed a huge fraud against the American public. With the participation of the United States government and NASA. The moon landing was faked all landings were fake, and I was the person who took it,” admits the man is like Stanley Kubrick.



“What are you talking about? Are you for real?”laughs Murray.

“Yes, it’s fake,” repeated the American.

Kubrick also said that the moon landing was only by the imagination of President Nixon, who wanted to translate it into reality. The US government has offered the Director a large sum of money, and he agreed to remove “cinema”.

In 1971, Stanley Kubrick left the US and he moved to the UK. In recent years, he was afraid that he would kill us intelligence agencies. The Director died in 1999 in an English manor near Harpenden supposedly of a heart attack. However, many believe that Kubrick was killed.

After the death of the filmmaker, his widow, German actress Christiane Kubrick, made a public statement. She said that Nixon, inspired by the movie “2001: a Space Odyssey,” urged the Director to “save national honor and dignity of the United States” and to falsify the flight of the American astronauts on the moon.

This was recognized and other participants of the shooting. A video from the moon landing caused a number of doubts among many experts. But none of them was able to prove that the flight to the moon was fake.

However, there is no evidence that this interview is real. Perhaps the footage is just an actor, which is very similar to the famous Director.




Lunar Scam USA. Yuri Mukhin. Maximum lies and stupidities


An interview with Stanley Kubrick on the set of the moon landing



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