Lukashenko suggested to make work of the Belarusian “social parasites” that create problems for law enforcement

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in his address to the nation and the Parliament expressed their readiness to cancel the controversial decree No. 3, which obliged the so-called “parasites” pay taxes and caused the country the wave of protests. However, we need to do something with 350 thousands of these “parasites” – namely, to get to work, said the Belarusian leader.

photo: kremlin.ru

“It is those people to whom a stigma is impossible to put that he’s a bad man. They cause us huge problems, especially in law enforcement!” – quoted Lukashenko’s statement about the parasites, the newspaper “Salidarnasts”.

Dissatisfied with the decree on parasitism Belarusians few weeks came out to protest across the country. The protest was not political. Many participants talked about the fact that the country is falling apart proizovdstvo. It is worth noting that after a wave of rallies Lukashenka has temporarily suspended the law.

According to Lukashenka, one collection will not solve the problem: some “pay and forget”, some will not pay anything. The President is sure: if we do not get them to work, they will not, and then “take to the streets, in the area – and will scream hubbub…”. In order to get people to go to work, there are methods, for example, the experience of Soviet times, he recalls.

Lukashenko: all the unemployed will find work, opposition will be put into prison

Dissatisfied with the decree of the Belarusians for a few weeks came out to protest across the country. It is worth noting that after that Lukashenka has temporarily suspended the law.

Liberal reforms in the economy will not be promised Lukashenko, reports “Interfax”. “ I’m still very snotty President talked about the fact that we have no money to risk it and go for some reforms. And suddenly fail?”- Lukashenka stressed. according to him, such reforms can only afford large countries, such as Russia, USA and China.

Will not be in the country and the “rampant privatization”, assured the countrymen Lukashenko. “So sit, wait for something, and start to work,” he advised them.

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