“Lucifer hell”: the current heat wave in Europe – the biggest in the last 10 years

Heat wave in Europe



Photo: Twitter

World news:heat wave caused by the anticyclone “Lucifer” from the Sahara that spread all over Europe and in some regions broke all historical temperature records.

A certain part of Europe suffers from greatest heat for the last 10 years – in some places the temperature reaches +42°C.

It is reported BBC Ukraine.

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“Tourists and local residents rest in the cities of southern Europe, to pour water from fountains in public places and walking along the shady streets or under umbrellas. In the coming days, expect high temperatures in some areas of Central Europe and the Balkans”, – stated in the message.

At the moment the high temperature in Italy has provoked forest fires and dozens of towns and cities prepare for them after the warnings of the Ministry of health. The country is now the temperature is higher than the average on 10 degrees .

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In Sicily this week, the thermometer rose to +42°C. This temperature was provoked by air masses from Africa, which moved through the Mediterranean sea.

Several European countries warn people about the dangers for health, because this week these weather conditions will continue.

It is expected that the heat will continue at least until Monday, appropriate warnings should be distributed in 26 European cities.

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