Lonely Putin and Cheburashka: new year’s greetings of the Russian President ridiculed in caricature

Well-known Russian artist Sergey Elkin has created a witty cartoon about the reaction of the society on new year’s congratulation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As you know, the response was, to put it mildly, negative.

The corresponding image published on the Facebook page of the artist.

24 channel reported that Putin got in a row over new year greetings to the Russians with the 2019 year. Users put under his address in YouTube for more than 75 thousand dislikes and hundreds of negative reviews.

Established by Elkinym cartoon depicts a street telephone booth in which sits Cheburashka in front of the monitor. With this monitor, its new year’s greetings says the master of the Kremlin. It should be noted that the depicted characters are shown very upset, and caricature is accompanied by the phrase Cheburashka: “And I have no friends”.


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