“Live at Herman, and then kill like a dog” – divisioni SS “Galicia” on the meeting with Soviet soldiers

When the war started, Vladimir Klos was 15 years old. Photo: Valeriy Shmakov

Member of the SS division “Galicia” 94-year-old Vladimir Klos lived 45 years in the United States. Since 2006 lives in the town of Gorodok of Lviv region. His memories of the Second world shared in an interview with the magazine “Krajina”.

“About the war I read in the Newspapers. On 7 September 1939 the cows and noticed in the sky, the five planes. Dropped four bombs. As the aircraft flew away, I went back to cows. Our goal was, and a neighbor were killed. Even killed several people. Then just joined the Germans in Lobacheva”, – says Vladimir Stefanovich.

“For a week, the Germans withdrew and joined the red army. They were dirty, ragged uniforms, strange hats. Their horses were thin. Half of the soldiers – Asians. Sang the song “the intelligence he went, many captured brought””

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When the war began, was in high school. Was 15 years old. Ran to the neighboring village of Chesanow, where he tried to find work. As he returned home to his parents, he was nearly killed by Soviet soldiers.

“There were fields at one kilometer from the boundaries. Over the ear the whistling bullets. Behind me ran the two soldiers. Grabbed me and were arguing among themselves what to do with me. In the end said, “get Up and go back. Live at Herman, and then kill like a dog “.

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Soviet partisans were isogamy. Often Rob and rape women. One priest in our area who had three daughters, the two took away with them. Raped them, and then twisted the wire and into the ditch, threw, told the shooter the UPA 96-year-old Peter Martyniuk.


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