Limousine to embarrass Putin in Europe

Russian cars Aurus refused to sell in Europe. Photo:

Russian cars Aurus, which goes the President of Russia Vladimir Putinhas forbidden to sell in Europe due to the dubious title.

The developers wanted to register the brand in the West and applied for a patent at the intellectual property Office. But the world-famous Toyota, Lamborghini and Michelin challenged the intentions of the Russians, writes

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They argue that the inventors of the Russian Federation plagiarized the name of the car. Lawyer Toyota Christian Thomas pointed out that the name of the Japanese model and Russian car brand similar to the point of confusion with the name of the Toyota Auris hatchback and crossover Lamborghini Urus and the sub-brand of Michelin Taurus.

“The difference in one letter leads to the fact that is ignored by the already small difference of two characters,” said Thomas.

Today at 5:00 on the Kiev time in the United States presented the latest model from the American manufacturer of electric Tesla – Model Y. familiarity with the crossover took place in the Studio of design businesses in the city of Los Angeles. To this day all the technical characteristics and the design of the machine was kept secret.


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