Ligue 1: Monaco were beaten again


Dismissing Thierry Henry Monaco failed to interrupt a series of setbacks, losing to a direct competitor “Dijon”.

Dijon – Monaco – 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Kwon, Chang Hong, 24 (1:0). Goes wide, 69 (2:0).

Dijon: Allen, Shafiq, Latoa, Ambere, Haddadi, Kwon Chang-Hoon (Keith, 82), Maria, Abed, Goes Wide (Balmont, 81), Said, The Júlio Tavares.

Monaco: Subašić, Henrique (Silla, 84), Glick, Naldo, Badeasily, Ballo-Round, Tielemans (Golovin, 68), Fabregas (Venker, 68), Sidibe, Rony Lopes, Falcao.

Warning: Tielemans, 49. Henriksen, 62. Sayid, 79. Haddadi, 90. Lataa, 90.

Removal: Naldo, 60.

Judge: Battelle.

26 Jan. Dijon. Stade Gaston-Gerard Stadium.

Jardim was again called to reign

“Monaco” has for so long been a model for the successful project that was not ready for the monstrous stress of the new season. However, being in the brink of collapse, the club began feverishly to correct mistakes.

First replaced in summer sold out leaders acquired experienced Fabregas, Naldo and Vincera. And when it did not give immediate effect, and Thierry Henry has actually lost the control of the team, to replace the famous footballer, who had no previous experience of independent work, again called Leonard Jardim. At the same time Vice-President of Monaco Vadim Vasilyev has publicly claimed responsibility for the current state of Affairs and called the dismissal of the Portuguese expert premature.

Of course, football knows that, but one thing is the “Palermo” with its extravagant former President Maurizio Zamparini, and quite another – accustomed to the solidity of Monaco. Formally the team for Saturday’s game prepared Franck Passi, but in the semi-finals of the League Cup against Guingamp on the bench will appear back in Monte Carlo, the Creator success in recent years. One that was supposed to motivate the players before the “game of life” with a neighbor on the table, “Dijon”, which, however, received a strong boost emotions in the middle of the week after defeating the French Cup “Saint-Etienne” with the amazing score of 6:3.

Without Golovin and old problems

Despite assumptions about a revolution in the squad, Saturday’s game began nine of 11 players, a few days ago with a Bang out of French Cup. Still here and prisivashya Henri the scheme with three Central defenders, and change is in fact concerned only appeared in stock Golovin. Jamerson went there planning – culminating in the disqualification of the Nalda. It was not clear why the Russians gave way to the start of the Fabregas. Either by gaming and tactical reasons, or in connection with a private condition, because in the last game after replacing Golovin was sitting on the bench with a bandage and ice on his leg.

Whatever it was, in front of Jardim, who watched the game from the stands with club owner Dmitry Rybolovlev and Vasilyev, Monaco started the game in Dijon farming. The desire to show himself in several episodes was off the charts. Especially active was Falcao, who missed his real chance to score a quick goal after a nifty gear Sidibe. If the Colombian outsmarted the goalkeeper, it was like a fairytale scenario that has little to do with reality. It home pretty quickly came to, and several times forced to work Subasic. And then Shafiq ripped the opponent’s defense the ball in the center, and passed the offside trap Kwon Chang-Hoon do not miss your chance, finding himself face to face with the goalkeeper.

Red light for Naldo

Habitual Monaco this season after such regular failures usually immediately loses a significant portion of enthusiasm and potential. In this respect, nothing has changed. Of course, you can say that with accuracy Sidibe and tielemans could before the break to equalise, but in fact the opponent was much closer to the second goal. Well, Henriksen in the role of a Central midfielder – to put it mildly, not Fabinho. Brazilian in Monte Carlo, too, has transformed from a player in the defense of a defensive midfielder and sold for insane amounts of money in Liverpool. The German in midfield looks a foreign body.

This, however, applies to many in the current composition. In particular, Naldo. On the experience he sometimes reads the intentions of my opponents like an open book, and then the collapse happens. The veteran was removed in the second League match in a row, and if the first red card seemed random, on Saturday, the Brazilian cut down an opponent on the sideline not required in that situation. Such episodes – including reflection of the current psychological state of the team, many players just don’t know what the struggle for survival.

Things worse

Golovin entered the field with a couple of debutant Venker in not the most comfortable situation when Passy went VA-Bank, having changed simultaneously Fabregas and Tielemans. But no sooner had the Russians really feel the game as “Dijon” scored the second goal resulting from a series of strange mistakes. It all started with a bad takeaway. Golovin desperate sliding tackle seemed to have extinguished the fire, however, messed up points. The defender, who was paid 11 million euros, hesitated, tried to beat the Tavares, but was crushed by a powerful forward who laid the ball under the blow goes wide.

Dip the “Monaco” in the depths of the standings continues. “Dijon” already ahead by five points and play on Sunday, “Amiens” with “Kahn” while at the distance of one victory. To pull the team out of the swamp the Jardim you need to become a wizard.

Andrey KUZICHEV, Sport-Express

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