Life on the Leningrad — Moscow classic

When in the South and South-East of the capital on metro only dreamed of, subway worked here already in full force. And now parts of North County are considered to be an enviable place to live. Here and water and monuments and the opportunity to enjoy it all from the Windows of modern apartment complexes.

There’s no need to go to the other end of the city to see the beauty of Moscow – you can do this from native Windows. Or even from the terrace — close to metro station “Water stadium” will soon be a new LCD “Ленинграdка 58”. Buyers are offered the opportunity to buy an apartment overlooking the Khimki reservoir and parks. We are not talking about expensive penthouses, and affordable housing business-class — prices here start from 5.7 million rubles.

Unlike many Moscow districts of new buildings, where the infrastructure is not always ready at the time of receiving the coveted keys to the apartment, here everything is at hand. It mentioned subway, and numerous bus routes.

In the area of the existing social infrastructure: education, sports and music schools, universities, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Favorite monument of inhabitants of Northern district of Moscow is a building of North river station, the spire of which is easy to see, even if just passing on the Leningrad highway at high speed. A sample of Stalin’s Empire, the station building has become one of the symbols of the capital – his image is often seen on souvenir postcards. The station was opened in the 30-ies of the last century, and since then, the locals used to walk along the promenade to admire the sailing ships, and in good weather, and simply sunbathe by the water. All this is relevant today — especially because the station in 2019 waiting for a major reconstruction.

Biggest Park environment “Ленинграdки 58” complement mikhalkovo estate with Golovinsky ponds and the Park of Friendship with the Festival’s ponds. Well-maintained forest Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo and summer the ideal place for Jogging and Cycling and in winter there are ski trails for family skiing. All forested areas are especially protected objects of cultural heritage have carried out a modern reconstruction and improvement and they have free access to visit.

For adherents of a healthy lifestyle − all the variety of nearby sports grounds and complexes. In the Palace of sports “Dynamo” for everyone working the sports section, but also courses of painting and drawing, a variety of workshops.

Playing tennis can also be in the tennis school “Chayka”, which is located 10 minutes walk from the LCD “Ленинграdка 58”. Also nearby is a Water stadium “Dynamo”, with a 50-metre pool.

And, of course, an active lifestyle in the coming winter months can be maintained thanks to the opened season skates. Numerous large and small ice rinks have opened in the capital, and, without a doubt, one of the favorite places of Muscovites remains skating rink with an area of 9000 square meters, with a natural ice surface in a Park of Northern River station. Infrastructure ice rink included: rental of sports equipment, sharpening blades, changing places, several power outlets. Here it is possible to improve the skill of riding or smoothly glide on skates on the alley, surrounded by fir trees, which I remember along the Park paths walked by our grandmothers.

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