Lewis: Mayweather has shown that Boxing is superior to MMA

Lennox Lewis



The former absolute world champion on Boxing – about last fight of Floyd vs Conor McGregor

The former absolute world champion in the heavyweight famous Briton Lennox Lewis commented on the victory of his American counterpart Floyd Mayweather in a fight with MMA star Conor McGregor.

Mayweather senior: If McGregor goes on to box, he will be killed

“I never took McGregor as a fighter. He’s never been 12 rounds, but in the ring he was confronted by the Professor of Boxing! Floyd schooled him – forced to wamahinso, and then removed it from there. It’s a classic Boxing! This shows that Boxing is superior to MMA. It turned out that if you’re a mixed martial arts fighter, then beat a boxer – not an easy task.

Klitschko appreciated Boxing skills McGregor

I didn’t see the point in this whole undertaking, but people were wondering whether McGregor to beat Floyd. Could not and close, Floyd gave him a Boxing lesson . It was just a good lesson – stay in your box, the box is cooler!” said Lennox Lewis.

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