Letter from Lugansk: money does not smell, or About the people who feeds the war

I have a friend – a local lawyer, higher legal education, age a little over forty. All five years she was in Lugansk. Five years with work. Mostly due to the fact that in all sectors and structures she has strong links.

Deals and assistance in preparation of documents and representation in court. It all the time with work, not bedstuy, and provides your family so that not every man in power. By the way, she is not without pride that often repeats: “And I’m not all”. Having in mind that maybe everything somewhere proplachivaya, somewhere, helping to give give. For example, to make a local, that is, “Lnasty” passport – 10 000 rubles. Privately and without queues. This is despite the fact that the local passport necessary bridge to the Russian citizenship. Those of ordinary mortals, stand in line for weeks, marked, visiting lists, and it is only to obtain a local passport.

This friend of mine has connections in all sectors – is friends with the “judges” major “officials from the traffic police”… by the Way, until 31 December, all owners of motor vehicles must undergo a required re-registration?! Latest in private and without waiting in line is worth 6 000. That is, having money and some connections, to be solved here can be almost anything.

She never left, so now black listed the border with Ukraine to cross can not. But she did not steamed about this, because she’s open Russia, and not far off Russian citizenshipand then a passport. Such wars do not feel anything. Except that are a bit more money, and competitors have become less at times. Someone left, someone managed to recover the lost rankings, but she was here all the time. People need to issue passports, to divorce, to adopt children (and here she will do it with no queues and delays with the kid who liked it), and someone to make the inheritance. It is essential for all these procedures people. Contacts such friends, cherish, knowing that they money will solve virtually any question and send to the right place.

And a few words about how to live a local lawyer practicing privately. With her children sitting nanny, house maid cleans, and the food on time, it can afford to order in the restaurant. That is, poverty, war or post-stress syndrome she is experiencing. And get a second factor in the war of her life, she will not benefit from that at all because her feeding is war, and most of the cases, anyway, tied with the war. And in response to a decision of the local government in a familiar there are new loopholes and alternative mechanisms. Her children see the sea, not on the TV screen, and eat candy not just on holidays. And then there are the saboteurs, which someone must protect, and there are no dirty or men’s work, and have money, which, as you know, not smell.

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