“Let the shaking continue”: Olympians of Russia has proposed to scare the world with symbols of the Soviet Union

The Director of Big Moscow state circus Edgard Zapashny are dissatisfied with the fact that Russian athletes will have to participate in the Olympic games in Pyeongchang without the Russian symbolism in the form that says, “it is unclear”. The trainer expressed the idea that Olympians from Russia could compete in the form with the symbols of powerful, though non-existent powers – the Soviet Union.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Edgard Zapashny

“Let’s write the Soviet Union, because there is no such country, nothing to complain about, it would be symbolic,” – said the representative of the famous circus dynasty in a video that recently posted on Instagram.

Zapashny reminded that Russia is the legal successor of the USSR. “The most important thing more than modern Russia, in our civilization only feared the Soviet Union, – said the people’s artist of the Russian Federation. – And let them tremble then!”

“Let our boys and girls will leave with a proud inscription of the USSR and break it all,” he finished the thought the trainer who knows a lot about taming.

The video attracted more than 5 thousand “likes”. Subscribers zapashnogo in most approved of the idea. However, there is another point of view. Some believe the proposal is inappropriate, as many countries of ex-Soviet Russia, “just hate.” “Why so many want us to fear? Including Zapashny. What’s the pride?” – puzzled others. “For The Motherland! For Stalin!)))” – “Troll” of the author’s ideas.

Note that the Russian athletes due to the doping scandal were allowed to compete at the Olympics in 2018 only under a neutral flag. On the form is says “an Olympic athlete from Russia.”

The IOC approved the Olympic uniforms for the Russians, acting under a neutral flag

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