Left clip for the duet song Tina Karol and “Boombox”. Video

Tina Karol and the group “Boombox” presented a joint video for the new song “Bezodnya”.


Photo: Instagram/tina_karol

The author of the composition is the frontman of the band “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk and musician Oleg Adikaev. Director – Stas Gurenko.

This is the story about how breaking up young people who want to be together and take it back. In the video of “Boombox” and Tina perform the song in a room decorated in retro style. The clip is also used special effects – falling floors, laid carpet with geometric designs.

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Monatik the singer said he was ready to sing at the wedding of their colleagues from the vocal show “the Voice” Tina Karol and Dan Balan. He also added that he did not know whether there is between the singers in some sort of relationship, but for them it is very interesting to watch.


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