Leanid Zlotnikau about the oil crisis: Now Russia will not yield

Leanid Zlotnikau

The Kremlin has taken a tough stance.

In the absence of progress in negotiations with Russia on deliveries of oil of Belarus is looking for alternative options. As previously announced, first Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Krutoy, there are negotiations with Ukraine, Poland, Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

As noted in comments to radio Racyja, the economist Leonid Zlotnikov, Moscow has taken a very hard poziciu and requires compliance with the Treaty on the so-called Union state:

– I think that now Russia will not yield. She is now the mood is: no go, so why do we need to feed? Politically Putin is runing. Although earlier it was about the fact that Yes, we are in one Union, we are brothers. But when we got to make a little sacrifice power to the one who feeds you, here in the side. I am not a supporter of integration. Russia is well on the way to the unknown. Where is she going? Nothing good will. If you integrate something to the West.