Latvia lost to the Czech Republic, leading after the first period 2:0


Championship of the world. A preliminary stage. Group ():

Czech Republic – Latvia 6:3 (0:2, 4:0, 2:1)

0:1 Indrasis (Darzins, Cibulskis – bol. 5×3), 06:04

0:2 designs (Balzers, Cibulskis – Bal.), 13:08

1:2 Greek (Voracek – Bal.), 25:41

2:2 Kovari (Chambers, Zamorski), 31:01

3:2 Voracek (Simon, Greek), 37:38

4:2 Vrana (Fax, Gudas), 38:40

5:2 Simon (Voracek, Frolic), 45:44

5:3 designs (Cibulskis – bol. 6×4), 55:28

6:3 Voracek (Vrolijk, Simon – V. p.), 58:28

Goalkeepers: Bartoszak – Merzlikin.

In the fourth round of the group stage of the world championship 2019 in Slovakia were played by the national teams of Czech Republic and Latvia.

The Latvians are confident to start the match, double-implementing the most 5×3 and 5×4. To break wards Milos Riigi left, losing 0:2.

At the start of the second period penalty to end match 5+20 were Maris Bicevskis, with the result that the Czechs reduced the gap to one washer, and hockey players of Latvia pretty tired. The second period was a turning point, in this team of the Czech Republic managed to score 4 goals in a row.

The final 20-minute has contained in itself three goals. First Dominic Simon brought the score to 5:2, but 5 minutes before the end of the match Latvia coach Bob Hartley took a chance to remove the goalkeeper, playing the majority of his team 6×4. However, following the removal of the goalkeeper ended the scoring into an empty net.

The results of this match, the Czech team took the third place in group b, while Latvians remained fifth.

The schedule of the next matches of the world Cup in 2019.

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