Kvitova of tears after defeating Barty: “It was tears of happiness”

Sixth racket of the world Peter Kvitova answered a number of questions after the victory over Ashleigh Barty (6:1, 6:4) in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. The words of gym shoes quotes a press-service of the Open championship of Australia:

On the court you were overwhelmed by emotions when you talked to Jim. What you felt at that moment? That you return to the semifinals? (Kvitova cried when Jim courier on the court asked if she had any doubt that she will be able to get back to that level after the attack in 2016).

Yes, I expected such a question.

Actually I have mixed emotions. Sometimes I don’t even recognize the past. But when Jim asked me if I was not very easy to imagine yourself in the semi-finals after what happened.

I always wanted to return to the highest level, to fight with the best, play Great helmets, far to go – and it’s happening now. Yes, I cried but it was tears of happiness.

Of course, you are the first time in the semifinals of the Grand slam, but the first for quite a while. After everything that happened, this result causes a different feeling?

Of course. I call it my second career. So this is the first semifinal of my second career. But Yes, it took a lot of time. I never played on Big hats, and I’m glad that now everything has changed. I get pleasure.

But the tournament isn’t over yet.

Can still change, but at this moment you are the first racket of the world. What for you will mean getting on the first place.

You know me, I don’t look at the rating. I did the first time I hear about it. To be honest, I don’t care.

I’m still in the mesh of the Helmet, so there’s no room to think about the rating. In the next match are the semi-finals against Daniel (Collins). This is the most important.

You always said that your tennis a bit unstable – the high peaks, but there are gaps. Last year you won a lot of matches in a row. This year started with 10 in a row. You think that you are stable?

Yes. We have worked hard to ensure that I found stability. And to be honest, the Helmets it was not enough. But it’s better than nothing (smiles).

And last year I’m starting to like these unbeaten run. Only 10?


Okay, you need to win more.

In the semifinals of the Australian Open Kvitova will play against the main sensation in the women’s event Danielle Collins. The last time the Czech played at a similar stage Grand slam in 2014.

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