Kubica: “the greatest challenge will be to preserve space in the Formula-1”

The Williams driver Robert Kubica talked about his goals for the current season. The words of the pole leads F1Today:

“The eight year break definitely helped me. But I know that I need to perform at the highest level. Put realistic goals for the coming months and am confident that I will be able to comply with them. If I felt I wasn’t ready to return, I would not have worked on this issue. My goal is not only to return but to stay in Formula 1, and it will be the most difficult task. There are many good pilots who left the series after one year of performances.

I hope this season the Williams car is better, because to start well is important. To catch up with rivals in the course of the season harder.”

Earlier, the former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone said that if not for the injury, Kubica would be world champion.

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