Kroll: Fight Lomachenko is not a gift, and my merit

Kroll: Fight Lomachenko is not a gift, and my merit
17:47 Telegraph Today Photo: Instagram news sport: British boxer Anthony crolla has prokomentiroval upcoming fight with Lomachenko.

April 12 in Los Angeles (California, USA) will be held the evening of professional Boxing, the main event will be the fight of the world champion under versions WBA and WBO lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko with the official Challenger for the belt by the WBA Anthony Crolley. The latter shared the expectations from this meeting, telling about a huge motivation.

“I box at an elite level for several years. I deserve a fight with Lomachenko, a title not a chance was I just donated. April 12 I have to jump over your head, and I’ll try to do it.

Kroll was named the main “trumps” Lomachenko

Without a doubt, in the case of my victory, it will be one of the biggest apletov recent years. It gives me great motivation. I was so lost training camp and worked hard to win, so I’m sure I will be able to cope with Lomachenko” — quoted BoxingScene Kroll.

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