Krasnodar, the scientists said, the fish bones will help create a lunar base


As explained by experts, by technology fish waste can be processed in a nutrient solution which, in turn, could be used in horticulture and gardening outside of our planet. In the first experiments, the scientists used waste carp. In the future, as reported, for the same purpose you intend to use other types of waste, including packaging and sanitary materials.

As explained by scientists, they created the system is a prototype of a lunar or Martian base. According to scientists, if colonization of other planets will be able to use mineralized waste to grow plants, this will allow not only to increase the amount of food, but also to restore the supply of oxygen and drinking water. Such would make the base on the Earth or a nearby planet less dependent on food supplies from outside.

The results, experts reported in the journal Life Sciences in Space Research.

Earlier it was reported that after seven years in orbit of the moon to begin construction of the Russian plants . Prior to this, experts noted that the construction of the Russian base directly on the moon is scheduled to begin at the end of the 2020-ies and in the beginning of 2030-ies to it can go Russian cosmonauts who will stay in orbit a natural satellite of 14 days. And recently in the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS announced the holding of insulating a four-month experiment , during which Russian cosmonaut and two NASA test pilots. Carry out a simulated flight to the moon with virtual reality systems.

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