Korczak said it was ready “even today to resign”

Natalia Korchak



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The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak at the Committee hearing of the parliamentary Committee said it was ready “even today to leave his post”.

The head of the National Agency for prevention of corruption Natalia Korchak said it was ready “even today to leave his post”. She stated this during the Committee hearings of the Verkhovna Rada Committee with issues of prevention and counteraction of corruption.

“Though I am now ready to go from his post as member of the NACP. But we are talking about the fact that there are people who work and trust. And if you are for something came from, then at least go the whole hog, at least how you have enough forces,” – said N. Korchak.

Radetzky said, why NACP delays the validation of e-returns

According to N. Korczak, she’s not a person with a particular system and is not connected biased subjective judgments .

“And the fact that due to my will and people who believed me, we started this registry with no budget and a second wave Declaration, because it did take place, this is my personal achievement. The fact that we have launched other work too of my personal achievement,” she said.

However, she noted that during the tenure made a lot of enemies.

As reported, N. Korczak suggested Nazka service registry e-declarations.

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