Komorowski explained, it is helpful if breastfeeding after a year

Breastfeeding is a very important process for a child, this is the first support in the extrauterine life of the baby.

Pediatrician Eugene Komorowski explained, it is helpful if breastfeeding after a year, according to the official website.

He believes that after the child was a year old, mom fulfilled her motherly duty by feeding 100%.

Breastfeeding after a year

The world health organization (who) urges mothers to feed children up to 2 years and possibly even longer. All due to the fact that in countries with low level of hygiene prolonged breastfeeding greatly reduces the risk of catching a child gastro-intestinal infection. That is, in such countries where this infection is threatening the lives of children, breastfeeding children after a year of very useful and saves millions of children’s lives.

But if a woman lives in a country with an adequate level of hygiene, in this case, the who recommendations do not work. It remains the main indicator – the fun mom and baby.

If you like – continue to feed the baby, do not like, tired, want to sleep – then stop.

Breastfeeding after a year

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