Koktebel Jazz Festival 2017: the main performers of the festival

The fifteenth festival of the Koktebel Jazz Festival will be held in the Black sea 24-27 Aug. The history of Koktebel Jazz Festival began on the shores of the Black sea 15 years ago. During this time the festival managed to take about 3 thousand musicians and no less than 500 thousand visitors.
Their first big concerts I have played here, “DakhaBrakha”, The Hardkiss, Jamala and other popular artists, has become the discovery for the festival audience. Your new program at Koktebel Jazz Festival in different years presented Nino Katamadze, “Aquarium”, “Liapis Trubetskoy” and dozens of other stars.
In total, the festival of his scenes took the best musicians from more than 45 countries. Among them: Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, Alex Kozlov, Erik Truffaz, Richard Galliano, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, De-Phazz, Parov Stelar, Shibusashirazu Orchestra, Gus-Gus, Shawn Mendes, Submotion Orchestra, Bjorn Barge, Goran Bregovic, Patrick Wolf, The Bad Plus and many others.
Koktebel Jazz Festival has become a meeting place and a place of power for thousands of creative people from different corners of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Europe.
In 2014, Koktebel Jazz Festival twice changed the location and last year finally found a new place under the sun – in Chornomorka, Odeska oblast.
The diversity presented at the festival of music genres and artists has always been one of the main differences between Koktebel Jazz Festival. And that multi-format has become the main concepts Koktebel Jazz Festival 2017. This year the number of festival stages will increase to five, and the musical genres represented at the festival, there will be more. This means more music, more art, more new discoveries, interesting festival stories, and new friends.
Also this year Koktebel Jazz Festival will present a special program dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Therefore, 24 Aug officially announced at the festival of Day of Ukrainian music!
And most importantly, from 24 to 27 August Koktebel Jazz Festival loudly and cheerfully celebrates its fifteenth anniversary and invited old and new friends to spend four unforgettable days on the beach!
The participants of the Koktebel Jazz Festival in 2017:
Nu Jazz Stage
Shantel – the king of the Balkan dancefloor, author of the soundtrack to the Comedy “Borat” and smash Disko Partizani luck on the main stage in a special program SHANTOLOGY 30 years. Remember how we danced in Koktebel rhythms of Goran Bregovic? Shantel and his Bucovina Club Orkestar the promise the scope no less. No wonder it is their unbridled disco using remixes of Balkan beats and Gypsy brass bands are famous all over the world.

The long-awaited guests of the festival will be mixed and come from Albion, one of the best live teams in the world – the legendary Asian Dub Foundation. For more than twenty years of their bottomhole rap reggae raises acute social problems. During his long and productive career, Asian Dub Foundation has shared the stage with Rage Against The Machine, The Cure and Radiohead. They performed at the world’s best festivals, and in August 2017 – will first perform in Ukraine.

Asian Dub Foundation
Melancholy romantic from Sweden’s Jay-Jay Johanson had been on the stage of the Koktebel Jazz Festival in Kiev, and then decided to go back at it again – this time on the beach. Musical style, which features Jay-Jay Johanson, combines elements of jazz, trip-hop and electronic music. His tracks, without exaggeration, the perfect soundtrack to a warm day by the sea.

Jay-Jay Johanson
Red Snapper and “Vagonooborota” – old friends Koktebel Jazz Festival. In the past both teams have already performed at the festival.
Their concerts are so appreciated by the audience that this year the organizing Committee decided to re-invite the group to Nu Jazz Stage. Both teams promised a special festival surprises and absolutely new compositions, which they will present exclusive to guests of Koktebel Jazz Festival.
The guests at the jubilee festival be sure to stop and his longtime friend, the legendary frontman of the German band De Phazz and the founder of the solo project – Karl Frierson. This year Karl will be the Special Guest of the festival, and his presentation will help the audience to discover this artist from a completely different side.

Karl Frierson
Finally, one of the main surprises of 2017 will be the return of the TNMK Jazzy – special project group “Tanok na Maydani Kongo”, the idea of which was born and was first presented at the festival in 2004 and 2005. You will hear original songs of the band ever played in a special jazz arrangements.

Feat Jazzy
Open Stage
One of the most important stages of the festival will continue to open new names. This year applications for participation in the program Open Stage filed more than 200 musicians from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Spain and even the UK. Expert Council of the Koktebel Jazz Festival has processed all submitted materials and in early August will publish the names of lucky ones that get to play in front of the festival audience. A scene will work in the daytime and the entrance to it is free.
Сampfire Stage
A new addition this year is an acoustic stage located in the tent city. Here, hiding from the scorching southern sun, you can enjoy the performances of artists, who decided to present the songs in their most honest acoustic sound. On such scenes often are born unexpected duets and interesting improvisation.
Jazz and the Sea
Jazz festival stage under the leadership of Alexey Kogan. There will be performances by Nazgul Shukaeva, Roman Kolyada and trio Usein Bekir. Here is the author’s project “Jazz history” by Jazz in Kiev Alexey Kogan – short essay about music, people, events and experiences. Of course, to talk about music without it is impossible. Stories will be accompanied live by jazz artists Jazz in Kiev Band, and the audience will become a part of the speech.
Special Stage
Multi-location, appeared at the festival several years ago and working in non-stop mode. After all day of activities and concerts for the Nu Jazz Stage their sets here will play the best Ukrainian DJs and special guests: Shustov, Mishukoff, Super dj Mavr, dj Nasty Fozzy and others.
The famous art festival has already become an integral part of the Koktebel Jazz Festival this year also celebrates its small anniversary – fifth anniversary. ARTISHOCK affects all types and genres of contemporary art from various types of art and to literature and independent films. The theme of the festival this year – environment, as a social phenomenon, which can be viewed from different angles (environment, cultural environment, media environment, art environment, etc.). In the program: film screenings, lectures and public interviews and discussion, exhibitions and art performances, shooting the film in the format of docu-fiction.
Also the fifteenth anniversary of Koktebel Jazz Festival – a speech MARU, MANSOUND, Katya Chilly Group, Viviene Mort, MAMARIKA, The Hypnotunez, Antikvariniai Kaspirovskio Dantys you and other famous musicians.
To help festival will be held traditionally include eco-volunteers. Ecological initiative “, Sopratutto” implemented at the Koktebel Jazz Festival for over 10 years. Becoming part of the eco-program you can not only get a ticket for all days of the festival and to take part in an exciting eco-activities, but also together with the organizers to make the festival even better.
For the same, to every guest Koktebel Jazz Festival 2017 remembered him – Leo Burnett will produce the film. The movie, whose main characters will be the music, the sea, and all friends of the festival.
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