Knowledge of English will be a prerequisite for civil servants

Pavel Petrenko



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The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko said that in 2019 knowledge of English is a condition for nomination to public service.

From 2019 for public servants will be required knowledge of the English language. The Minister of justice Pavlo Petrenko said at the presentation of diplomas to graduates of the project to study the English language Lingva.Skills.

“From 2019, the English language is a condition for nomination to public service. Those who wish to become civil servants, but the Ukrainian language should know English at a basic level,” – said Petrenko.

Now in Ukraine knowledge of English is at the level of 7%, while in EU countries – 50 per cent, in the Nordic countries – at the level of almost 80% .

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In the past year, which was proclaimed by the President of Ukraine year of English in Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of justice in April launched a social free project of studying foreign languages Lingva.Skills by EU standards.

The project was created primarily for the Ministry of justice for the training of staff who work with the originals of international instruments with a view to their implementation in the Ukrainian legislation.

Over the past year of the project to study English with it, joined the staff of all ministries, 12 committees of the Verkhovna Rada, the presidential Administration, more than a thousand educational institutions from Ukraine, employees of GPU, SBU and Armed forces of Ukraine, and over 5 thousand participants ATO and members of their families 5.5 thousands of internally displaced persons.

Now the project has the opportunity to learn English at level A1, A2. After a few months it is planned to start the B1 level, and by the end of the year to create the possibility of learning the German language.

As noted at the event, the methodology of the project Vitaly Zubkov, through a large number of people wishing to learn foreign languages, the project organizers are looking for opportunities for the development of material-technical base. On crowdfunding platform biggggidea started collecting funds for the development of a social project for free foreign languages Lingva.Skills.

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