Knowledge day 2017: Google created a Doodle in honor of September 1,

To the Day of knowledge, September 1, and the beginning of the new academic year the search engine Google has created a Doodle. This image of a whale and fish that were obviously in a hurry to school.
Note that festive Doodle can see the people of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Armenia.
In addition to greeting cards, Google has also created a video on the occasion of the knowledge Day, which is published on the official YouTube channel of the resource.
“First day of school – first day of the school year. Its start depends on the different regions in the world due to differences in weather conditions, climate, season, laws and culture. In Europe, the school decided to go in September. And in the southern hemisphere from mid-January until the end of February. In Canada and in the United States, going to school the day after labor Day,” reads the caption to the video.
By the way, in Ukraine its doors for children this year will open a 16 thousand 566 schools where the desks first sit down more than 400 thousand first-graders.

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