Klimkin announces serious provocation from Putin because of the “Nord stream-2”

After the construction of the “Nord stream-2” Russia organizes a series of provocations to completely stop gas transit via Ukraine. “Gazprom” will not adhere to European regulations, thus putting Europe on the “gas needle”.

This was stated by the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin during a press conference.

So, the Minister believes that the project will allow Russia to “knock out” the gas transportation system of Ukraine and to create provocations of security.

If Nord Stream is built, Russia will organize a series of provocations, not only the gas wars, in order to finally stop the transit through the GTS of Ukraine,
– he stressed.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that during the trilateral gas talks in Brussels, Ukraine will insist on the compliance of the Ukrainian gas transportation system to European rules.

He stressed that the German position is the seizure of the “Nord stream” by European rules. According to the Minister, the European rules of “Gazprom” is unprofitable – even “impossible.”

“It will be a total manipulation, so, or we all work for the European rules, or we will create gray and black areas, because Russia will protect its infrastructure and to try to manipulate with the rates and regulations putting Europe on the gas needle,” – said Klimkin.

What is the “Nord stream-2”?This is a project of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that they want to build through the Baltic sea bypassing Ukraine. Germany, Finland and Sweden have issued all permits for the construction and operation of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. Against the construction of the gas pipeline were made by Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, USA and Denmark. The appearance of this pipeline will increase the EU’s dependence on Russian Gazprom, which already supplies about a third of the volume of gas in the EU. Ukraine after the launch of “Nord stream-2” will lose not only the income from the transit of blue fuel, but also geopolitical leverage.

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