“Kievprayd-2017” will be guarded by six thousand militiamen

The organizers of the March “Kievprayd-2017” counting on support from law enforcement agencies to ensure public order and security of the participants of the event, which will be held June 18 in the center of Kiev.
About it writes “Interfax-Ukraine”.
“We are all going to wait at 9 am on Sunday (June 18 – 24) at the intersection of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Vladimirskaya. This year the route “Kievprayd” was increased to more than one kilometer. We held several meetings with the National police, the Kyiv city state administration, coordinated all details to ensure public order and security of the marchers,” – said the Director of public organization “Kievprayd” Ruslan Panuhnik.
She noted that the public order during the event will provide six thousand militiamen and about 50 volunteers security.
According to the organisers, the March will gather about five thousand participants. They will be on the streets Vladimir and Leo Tolstoy to Lev Tolstoy square and the metro station “Lev Tolstoy Square”.

One of the organizers of the March Zoryan KIS emphasized that “Kievprayd” is, first and foremost, the human rights campaign, so it will take part not only representatives of the LGBT community, but also people with heterosexual orientation.
The public space of Ukrainian cities belongs to all equally. Each and every have the right freely to declare their demands in the public space by any lawful means. Attempts to dictate what public actions are acceptable and which are not, leading our society to a deadlock, – says the Declaration “Kievprayd-2017”.
KIS also called on supporters of other views not to make the June 18 provocation.

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