“Kievprayd-2017”: what you need to know about the equality March in the capital

The equality March in the framework of the forum “Kievprayd-2017” will be held in the capital of Ukraine on June 18. The March aims to make visible LGBT people in Ukraine and to overcome discrimination and violence against them.
Read the published site 24, when, where and under what conditions will “Kievprayd-2017”.
Kievprayd-2017: the time and place of holding of the equality March
The March will be held on Sunday, June 18. Gathering from 9:00 to 10:00 on the square in front of the Teacher’s house (57 Volodymyrska St.). Beginning Of March – 10:00.
Those wishing to attend the event and receive a map of the route can register at the link. However, this is not necessary, the March is open, registration is voluntary and is designed to improve communication with participants.
The route of the procession “Kievprayd-2017” will be held from the intersection of streets Vladimir and Bogdan Hmelnickogo, next, between the National University. Shevchenko and the monument to Shevchenko on Vladimirskaya street, then at the Lev Tolstoy street until you reach the namesake square, where the Marchers will be taken public transport in a safe place.

Kievprayd 2017: map of the procession
This year the organizers expect up to 5 thousand participants. To protect “Kievprayd-2017” will be about 6 thousand militiamen. In addition, about 50 volunteers will organize the column and ensure that there were no provocations.
By the way, the opening of the “Kievprayd-2017” was accompanied by provocations. Right-wing radicals are also planning provocations on the 18th of June, but we hope that LGBT activists will be protected properly. The organizers of the “Kievprayd-2017” encourage participants to March to study the safety manual, which is available here.
The length of the passage of the March this year increased to 1.2 km, last year it was 750 m And generally 200 m. Shulyavka and 80 participants.
“Kievprayd” is an annual forum, which now began on 9 June. During pride week held various discussions, trainings, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and more. The organizers offered a platform to discuss not only problems but also solutions that our Ukrainian society can be made more open to different groups of people. Pride week will conclude with the equality March on Sunday.
Board member of a number of Ukrainian LGBT organizations Zoryan KIS voiced political Declaration “Kievprayd-2017”: “We are against any privileges or restrictions. Ukraine, which is not a country for all, Ukraine is in the past. Ukraine of the future is a country of freedom, equality and opportunity.”
The history of the March of equality in Kyiv
“Kievprayd” was founded in 2012, the Ukrainian LGBT activists and their dragonis Belarus in the conditions when in the country for several years there was an increase in systematic human rights violations against the LGBT community, growing hysteria provoked by homofobii and religious groups. Then during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych, his government proposed to the Parliament the law on the prohibition of so-called “gomopropagandy”, following the example of Russia.

Kievprayd first held in 2012
In 2012 almost every major city of Ukraine have been protests against holding the pride. The protests were organized by Pro-Russian and religious forces. In the right-wing groups in social networks appeared incitement to violence against persons who were supposed to claim their rights.
The first “Kievprayd” took place at the end of may 2012, all events were closed. “Kievprayd” joined persons from the embassies of democratic countries and diplomats, human rights organizations and international foundations, liberal journalists and leaders, and guests from across the country, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. However, the March itself was then disrupted by contraction and religious attacks from groups of right-wing radicals, who numbered more than a thousand people.
In the framework of the “Kievprayd-2013” in the capital, successfully hosted the Equality March with the participation of distinguished guests. Amnesty International in Ukraine officially joined the organization of the festival, as well as a number of other human rights organizations. This time the March for Equality 2013 was held 100 meters.
Since that time, significant progress has been made. During these five years, from 2012 to 2017, “Kievprayd” organized annually, on a permanent basis.

Kievprayd 2016 has become the most popular in Ukraine
In 2016 at equality March came Ukrainian and MEPs. This year participation in the “Kievprayd-2017” has already confirmed the Deputy of EuroParliament, co-Chairman of Euronest parliamentary Assembly harms.

Kievprayd 2017: the time and place of holding of the equality March

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