Khizhnyak is the best boxer of 2017

Alexander Khizhnyak. Photo:

Ukrainian Amateur boxer Alexander Khizhnyak voted “Best boxer of the year” by the International Association of Amateur Boxing (AIBA), according to the Boxing Federation of Ukraine.

The award ceremony was held at the international Boxing forum in Sochi.

“Incredibly pleased to be on this forum among the best fighters in the world. It’s nice to imagine that is their country, not only in this chamber but in the rings around the world.

I would like to thank my father and coach Alexander Khizhnyak for his support and help, AIBA and anyone who considers me worthy of nomination for best boxer.

I am very pleased. Thanks also to our Federation and its President Vladimir Prodivus and Vice-President Dmitry Shantseva for the continued support,” said Khizhnyak during the ceremony.

Khyzhnyak won gold medals in two major events: in June, the “home” Championships in Kharkiv, and in September at the world Championships in Hamburg.

For each tournament Khizhnyak was also recognized as the best boxer “beyond categories”.

In addition, the assets of 22-year-old athlete victory in the youth and adult championship and the European championship U-22. In the end, Khizhnyak set a record of Ukraine on the number of titles for the year notes

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