Kate Middleton and Prince William have chosen the school for the younger daughter’s: details

The youngest daughter of the Dukes of Cambridge will soon reach the age at which children in the UK have to go to school. The Royal parents have chosen the school for Charlotte.

According to the laws of the UK, children aged 4 years, should leave kindergarten and go to school. So, the Dukes of Cambridge have chosen a school for Princess Charlotte, who in may 2019, will be celebrating its 4th birthday. It is reported by foreign newspaper the Mirror.

In January 2018, the youngest daughter, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry went to visit the nursery Willcocks in Kensington. However, this spring she’ll have to say goodbye to the teachers and continue the school.

According to the source, the parents chose for Charlotte, the same school, and Prince George. The choice of the members of the Royal family fell on the school Thomas’s Battersea.

The road from the house, where the Dukes of Cambridge, to school takes about one hour, and the tuition is £ 6,000 per semester. The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including fencing, philosophy, gardening, which really admires Kate Middleton’s, and various other industry and science.

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