Karpaty: the Rookie did not disappoint (VIDEO)

Photo: fckarpaty.com

CARPATHIANS – TARAZ Kazakhstan – 3:1 (2:1)

Goals from Karpaty: Mendez, 11 (1:0). Miakushko, 38 (2:0). Dabelko, 56 (3:1).

Karpaty (Lviv): Stumps (Zaderako, 80), Kovtun, Papa Gueye (Veremienko, 57), Meramec (Avramenko, 57), Jongla (Palm, 46), Horzewski (Klets, 57) Scored A Quick Goal, Sautin (Prytula, 80), Di Franco (Lyakh, 80), Mendes (Vargas, 39), Ponda (Dabelko, 46).

Yesterday Karpaty had an unscheduled sparring against “Taraz” at the end of last season who qualified in the elite division of the championship of Kazakhstan. After 14-year hiatus, it was only the second meeting between the sides, and again during the Turkish training camp, the victory was on the side of “lions.”

Note that in the starting lineup, Karpaty debuted Cameroonian rookie of the Lviv club 20-year-old defender Martin Hongla, which was leased with option to buy in the Spanish “Granada”. In this sparring, Honglu well played and a holding midfielder.

Wards Fabri Gonzalez actively started the match and quickly took the lead. Mendez took advantage of flanking transmission Myakushko and your chance is missed. Soon, Mendez broke into the rival’s penalty area and earned a penalty. Blow with “points” performed by Myakushko saved “Taraz”, but failed and Sergei in the rebound with his head sent the ball into the goal. The Kazakhs had managed before the break to score a goal in the “locker room” gate “Carpathians” by going on a date with Pankovym.

Early in the second half, “Taraz” missed the chance to equalize – stumps parried the 11-meter strike. However, “Karpaty” managed to increase the gap when Dabelko have used flanking transmission partner. The end of the match the team of Vahid Masudov after two, spent in the minority: after the first red card the coach of “Taraz” took advantage of the right replacement, and after the second bench were already empty.

January 30, opponents of FC Karpaty will be the Polish “Jagiellonia”.

Yuri MAZURKEVICH, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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