Karpaty: the Club wants to make money

Petro Dyminsky. Photo: fckarpaty.com

The President of “Carpathians” Peter Dyminsky, a suspect in the Commission of a fatal accident, spoke about the financial situation in the Lviv club.

“It all depends not only from me as from a single investor. I’m tired to repeat and to remind our city government that promised the area around the stadium “Ukraine”, 17 hectares, the club still has not been sent.

Why “Karpaty” this land? We have the intention to build a sports and entertainment center, with elements of rehabilitation, to ensure that the club was making money.

Accordingly, we will be able to fill the budget, the size of which will depend on our objectives. If the annual budget will be, for example, 20-25 million dollars – Karpaty will fight for the Champions League. I wonder why the authorities of Lviv for a long time and reluctantly moving in this direction, why she turns away from this project? This land is not necessary to me. She need a club that will be able to earn on itself and not depend on the investor.

In the end, everybody wins – “Karpaty” will have serious problems, and the city is not only proud of their team which will compete in the European Cup, but also financial benefits from tourists and investment. But simply throwing money eating away the players who are fighting for survival, I’m not interested”.


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