Jumping into the water. Ukraine won its first medal at EURO 2017

Viktoriya Kesar



Photo: social networks

Ukrainian divers Alexander horshkovozov and Victoria Caesar, won the first medals at home Championships 2017 in Kiev.

The national team of Ukraine in diving the beginning of the home European championship with a silver medal in the team competition.

Alexander horshkovozov and Victoria Caesar 6 jumps 366.55 earned points. It is worth noting that our couple from the first jump took second place, which managed to hold on to the last jump.

And won the first gold medal of the Kiev championship of Europe on a diving, the French Mathieu Rosset and Laura Marino, which, in the first place, thanks to a stable jump scored 372.4 points.

The third place took the couple from Russia in the person of Viktor Minibaev and Hope Baginas. Like the French, they played smoothly, but the last two jumps failed, which threw the Russians with the first line from the third (366.1 ).

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