July 2017: holidays in the Church calendar

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Holidays in the Church calendar



Time flies with rapid speed and now came the second month of summer.

Published by the Orthodox calendar for July 2017. In the picture below described the holidays as well as a calendar of food days, and how to use it. Read more details about Church holidays in July, every day, and saints ‘ days. Also for those interested in how to rest in July, to announce: a weekend in July, since no state and great Church holidays. So a weekend in July, only weekends, but in August, Ukraine also waiting for the holidays.

Holidays in July 2017 in Ukraine

1 July 2017 Saturday

Martyrs Leontius, Ipatius and Theodoulos.

The Bogolyubsky icon of the Mother of God.

1 through July 12, continues the Apostolic (Smith) post.

2 July 2017 Sunday

The Apostle Jude, the Lord’s brother.

Of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Wonderworker.

Of St. job, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia .

Cathedral Reverend fathers of the Pskovo-Pechersk.

3 July 2017 Monday

Hieromartyr Methodius, Bishop of Piterskogo.

The Saint of the Mines, the Bishop of Polotsk.

Nobleborn Prince Gleb of Vladimir.

4 July 2017 Tuesday

Martyr Julian Of Tarsus.

Uncovering of the relics of St. Maxim the Greek.

5 July 2017 Wednesday

The Hieromartyr Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata.

Martyrs Galaktion and Martyr Juliana.

6 July 2017 Thursday

The celebration of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God.

The Cathedral of the Vladimir saints.

July 7, 2017 Friday

The Nativity Of John The Baptist (The Forerunner).

8 July 2017 Saturday

The feast of St. Peter and Fevronia Muromskaya Peter and Fevronia of Murom. Holy Prince Peter, in monasticism David, and Prince Fevronia, in monasticism Euphrosyne of, Murom miracle workers.

July 9, 2017 Sunday

The Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

The Monk David Of Soluneia.

10 July 2017 Monday

Uncovering of the relics of St. Ambrose of Optina.

Righteous Joanna myrrh-bearers.

The monk Sampson strannopriimtsa.

11 July 2017 Tuesday

The transfer of the relics of the martyrs, unmercenaries and Wonderworkers Cyrus and John.

St. Sergius and St. Herman, the Valaam miracle workers.

The icon of mother of God three hands.

12 July 2017 Wednesday

The feast of the apostles Peter and Paul.

The celebration of the mother of God Kasperovskaya, Dunilovskaya.

13 July 2017 Thursday

Cathedral glorious and all-laudable 12 apostles.

Gorbanevskaya, Barykinskii and Volyn icons of the Mother of God.


14 July 2017 Friday

Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, in Rome victims.

The Valaam icon of Mother of God.

A fast day.

15 July 2017 Saturday

The position of the honourable robe of the Theotokos in Blachernae.

The celebration of the mother of God Poiska, akhtyrskiy, Feodosyevskaya, the Tree of Jesse.

16 July 2017 Sunday

The transfer of relics of Sainted Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia the Wonderworker.

Martyr Hyacinth Of Rome.

17 July 2017 Monday

Memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs : Tsar – Martyr Nicholas II and his ilk murdered.

The monk Andrei Rublev, icon painter.

Of St. Andrew of Crete, Archbishop of.

Reverend Martha Of Antioch.

Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky.

18 July 2017 Tuesday

St Athanasius The Athonite.

The uncovering of the venerable relics of the monk Sergei, hegumen of Radonezh.

calendar of religious holidays in July

19 July 2017 Wednesday

Cathedral of saints of Radonezh.

The day of memory of the monk Sisoi the Great.

20 July 2017 Thursday

The memory day of St. Euphrosyne, in the world Eudoxia, Grand Duchess of Moscow.

The Monk Akakios Of Sinai.

Reverend Thomas, Malein.

The celebration of the vlakhernskaya icon of Mother of God.

21 July 2017 Friday

The phenomenon of the Kazan icon of the Theotokos (in the city of Kazan).

The day of memory of great Martyr Procopius.

Righteous Procopius of Ustiug Wonderworker.

A fast day.

22 July 2017 Saturday

The Hieromartyr pancratius, Bishop of Tauromenium.

The celebration of the mother of God Koloch, Cyprus (Stromynsky).

23 July 2017 Sunday

The position of the honourable robe of the Lord Jesus Christ in Moscow.

Venerable Anthony of the Kiev caves, the chief of all Russian monks.

The celebration of the Konevskaya Mother of God icon.

24 July 2017 Monday

Remembrance of the miracle of the GreatMartyr Euphemia the all-laudable, whom Orthodoxy utardia.

Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia, in Holy Baptism Helen.

The celebration of the mother of God Barkalabovskaya, Rudny Ratkovskomu, Okovetskiy Rzhevskaya.

25 July 2017 Tuesday

The day of memory of martyrs Proclus and Hilary.

Icons Of Mother Of God Three Hands, Sumanatissa.

26 July 2017 Wednesday

Cathedral Of The Archangel Gabriel.

Reverend Stephen Savvica.

A fast day.

27 July 2017 Thursday

Apostle of 70-Ty Aquila.

STS Nicodemus The Athonite.

The celebration of the Elisavetgrad Mother of God.

28 July 2017 Friday

Equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir.

The Cathedral of the Kyiv saints.

A fast day.

July 29, 2017 Saturday

The day of memory of the PriestMartyr Athenogoras and his ten disciples.

The icon of the Mother of God Chirskaya Pskov.

30 July 2017 Sunday

Memory of the Holy fathers of the six Ecumenical Councils.

Great Martyr Marina (Margarita).

31 July 2017 Monday

Martyr Emilian Dorotysche.

Kaluga icon of the Mother of God.

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