Jubilee “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin: live stream

Thursday, June 15, at 12:00 Moscow time will start the traditional “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This year the head of state will communicate with compatriots in this format already for the 15th time.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

To the President a few questions have accumulated almost 2 million, because all the answers we get. However, many questions are repeated from year to year, and comments on them, we have heard repeatedly. As always, Russians are concerned about the problems of housing, bad roads, quality and availability of medical services and education policy issues – both internal (including after the events of the Day of Russia) and external (what the Ukrainians and Syrians). Look forward to encouraging comments about the future of the economy and about the prospects of restarting with the United States. And, of course, waiting for revelations about the presidential election of 2018.

As practice shows, every appearance of the President one-on-one with the people is accompanied by something of that kind. Putin asked about his wife, about friends, about profanity. The answers are usually unpredictable and quite funny. Hopefully today also will not be bored.

MKRU will launch an online broadcast of the direct line shortly before noon. And soon after will begin to publish the latest analysis on the responses of the President. Join us!

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