January 22 – what a holiday today and what not to do in this day

January 22, 2019 in honor of St. Eustratius Philip. On this day, after completion of all cases, people are trying to get to work. It is recommended to tidy the house, empty the trash and prepare the house for the spring period. The days start to be longer, so the owners have the opportunity to do more things. It is believed that what the weather is September 22, so September.

Birthday today celebrate: Antonina, Zachary, Peter, Philip.

Folk omens on January 22:

– Filippov clear day – year will be fruitful and prosperous.

– The crows sitting on the tops of the trees, then the frost will soon skyrocket.

– The dog is sleeping curled up in a ball – will be cold.

Folk omens on January 22

What can I do 22 Jan

1. On this day, it is necessary to go to the bath to “wash off” all the holidays and festive serenity. This will help you get to work and start the new year.

What not to do 22 Jan

1. It is impossible to sew on buttons or get rid of old problems.

2. It is impossible to swear and quarrel with each other.

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