January 18 – what a holiday today and what not to do in this day

18 January 2019 Christians celebrate the Second Holy evening or the evening of the Epiphany. 18 January is also called the Hungry kutey. According to custom, the hostess needs to cook a vegetable dinner, such as on the first Christmas Eve, but not so solemn.

Today nameday celebrate: Gregory, Eugene, Joseph, Nona, Pauline, Roman, Tatiana.

Folk omens on January 18:

– On the evening of the Epiphany snow – expect a good harvest of grain crops.

– Blowing a strong South wind and summer will be rainy.

At night the stars are not visible, and the sky is dim, mushrooms in the fall will be very small.

– The stars in the sky bright – lambs will be well to multiply.

– Snow fell on Epiphany Eve – the year will be fruitful.

– On the trees, lots of snow, will be a rich harvest of fruits and honey.

– Morning snow will be a lot of buckwheat and bread.

– Loud barking of dogs – all year hunting and fishing would be successful.

What you can do 18 Jan

1. Believe that the snow collected in the evening of the Epiphany, able to heal sickness.

2. To make the skin beautiful and delicate, wash with Epiphany snow.

3. In Epiphany Eve swim in the bath and be healthy and beautiful.

4. If a girl feeds meltwater in the evening of the Epiphany, it will attract the attention of men.

5. The owner of the house before the Holy supper should be spread with chalk crosses. This way you will protect the house from evil spirits.

What not to do 18 Jan

1. Do not swear on the Holy night with family and not be offended at each other as tears spilled could spell disaster for the entire year.

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