Ivanka trump and Jared Kushner unable to leave Washington in 2018

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The daughter of the President of the United States Donaly trump Ivanka trump (Ivanka Trump) says he was “blinded” by the malice of the district of Columbia. So she and her husband Jared Kushner can leave Washington by the middle of 2018.

Vanity Fair reports that the couple, which is not only a family, but advisers to the President, is among his closest and most trusted confidants, is preparing to leave Washington by next summer. According to the statements of insiders, they are tired of the attacks and want to protect their children.

Some analysts believe that the pair “were burned political machine once at the beginning of this year they were thrown into the political center of the country.” “they do not understand their essential irrelevance. They consider themselves to be special,” says one of sources.

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