‘It’s me’: actor extras Eduardo Zapata puts footage from the film with his “second” part (Photo, Video)

‘It’s me’: actor extras Eduardo Zapata puts footage from the film with his “second” part (Photo, Video) See photo (5)
17:46 Today the Telegraph bigpicture.ru Photo: Instagram news of show business:Actor Eduardo Zapata (Zapata Eduardo) lives and works in Los Angeles. Does the guy that is looking for talented children for the filming of the movies.

Eduardo Zapata plays in the movie and is even in the actor’s Guild, but to get a decent role for my entire career, Eduardo and failed.

However, he succeeded, playing different people from the crowd. How is that possible? Read below.

Recently on his page in Instagram actor Eduardo Zapata shared a short video about what movies he was in.

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It’s about… to go… DOWN #commercialheadshots @jonnymarlow

Publication of Eduardo Zapata (@ejzapata) 5 Oct 2018 9:58 PDT

Soon his post was in the top of the most popular on the site, because, as it turned out, Zapata had to be lighted in almost all the movies and TV shows!

“Captain Marvel”

“The players”, season 4

For all roles: any major changes had to endure the actors to look “one hundred” (Photo)

For half a year, American has participated in dozens of various projects, where he played a cameo role. So, for example, a young man appeared in the television series “American horror story”, “Silicon valley”, “Shameless”, “Sharp objects,” “grey’s Anatomy” and in films “Red mint” and “Captain marvel”.

“Shameless”, season 9

In addition, Eduardo Zapata appeared in music videos by artists such as Florence and the Machine and Fall Out Boy. Of course, shooting in commercials also appear in his portfolio.

In recognition of guy, last year he got for shooting in small roles about 50 thousand dollars, despite the fact that he worked an average of three days a week. Zapata said that most often removed his clothes and he comes up with what to do in the scene, as the script for extras not provided.

“Silicon valley”, season 5

Netizens said that now will look out for Zapata in all movies. Here’s how to achieve success and fame, even without getting a major role!

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