“It wasn’t my bullet, she went to Vasily in the head”

47-year-old Vitali Martynov from Ivano-Frankivsk go to war in Donbasse had to do some fighting in the Soviet army. When trouble came to Ukraine, went to war as a volunteer. From the military men dismissed, so he left in the Volunteer corps Ukrainian “Right sector”.

Author: Vitali Martynov

Vitaly Martynov, a native of Ivano-Frankivsk. Professional soldier, served in Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan

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My father was a chief of counterintelligence in the artillery division. Therefore the future of my profession defined itself. Went to serve in the Main intelligence Directorate, the Soviet army. In the Pavlograd school intelligence, a division of sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

We had a group of 5 people: sniper radio operator, demolition, radioman-saboteur, instructor medical instructor. Each group member was required to know the specifics, but it is better to do their work. I was personally taught in the radio operator, sniper and encoder ciphers. It was Autonomous groups that had to perform any complexity and sabotage tasks abroad. We have signed statements of secrecy for 25 years. Although they lost their power with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

After training we were transferred to Azerbaijan, where already brewing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Although at the time, this one did not. We’re stuck with a division DON-100, it was called special forces unit.

What was your unit?

Patrols service calls. We had information that a particular city had the weapons. Promptly went out there and reacted to the signals.

Landed at the airport and were marched to the place of building. Towards the left of KAMAZ, the driver of the car was driving straight for us. Had to open fire and destroy these bombers. They decided to die and take as many enemies.

Then and now understand what we are doing wrong. People fought for their independence, and we climb to where not necessary. But it was the Soviet Union and free thinking is not allowed.

There were more occasions when we had to open fire?

Very often. Once we were on foot patrol along the street, towards us has left “the Zhiguli”. Through the open Windows we began to shoot with a hunting rifle and machine gun. The attackers fled, but went to meet them a fighting machine and simply crushed.

There were cases when we were sabotaging. One of the patrol through a brick fence tossed the metal hatch on the head. He was rescued, he was in a heavy armored helmet. Luke bumped into her, fell on his leg. Cut off a few fingers. They might even kill.

And then came a signal that came in the caravan with weapons. We went to the specified address. Tonight was to less to attract attention. These militants were on the second floor. I climbed the stairs “slave”, that is, the first.

Only went to the second floor as the doors opened and out came a machine gun fire. Bullets hit in the chest, but the vest saved my life. One slipped past the armor, the second stuck in the oven and only grazed the skin. The third bullet just threw me from the second floor. I’m already in flight began to shoot at the attacker. The last bullet from his gun hit me in the leg.

The third bullet just threw me from the second floor

Flew 6 meters, I was stopped by a wall. The vest the guys took off to get choked up. Immediately sent to a sanitary unit, from there to the airport and delivered to Almaty. There had to be 6 long months.

The parents knew about the injury?

They were abroad. I about their service, they were informed by telegram: “Dad, mom, I went into the army.” Of injury they knew nothing.

I was even awarded for this operation. Came to the hospital and said, “Here you go”. I held in the hands of this award and they took her from me. And in the military card has coded this event. I still don’t know what it was for the medal and for what operation.

Author: Vitali Martynov

Vitaly Martynov (left) with the soldiers on one of the strongholds in the Donbas

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Where you go after treatment?

Events developed unexpectedly. Shattered Union, I’m in Kazakhstan – Ukraine independent. I was dismissed from the Soviet army, but my house is 7 thousand km.

Next to me were soldiers and Belarusian Lukashenko has sent a plane. Ukrainians were 28 people and we waited. Later we were taken from there and we returned to Ukraine. I stood on the account in military registration and enlistment office. No work, all give coupons, while in Ukraine, I delivered 18 thousand rubles. I had the salary – 4 thousand per month, but spend them anywhere in the world. Out of despair I went back to the army, but Ukrainian. And there was a madhouse. Equipment sold, everywhere chaos. Got my 1994 and resigned.

As the war came?

It was March of 2014. I turned first to the military, to go to serve in the Armed forces of Ukraine. But they said that my profession until they are needed.

Started to work with volunteers. I was given a task to prepare 3 subversive groups, which could act as occupiers. Although at the beginning of 2014 I didn’t believe that big brother trample us to war.

How did you start your full-scale war?

On may 23, the column consisting of the “Right sector” battalion “Donbass” and the 93 brigade of the APU moved in the direction of Karlovka (a village in Ukraine, in Maryinsky district of Donetsk region. – Gazeta.ua). This is officially our first fight, because he DUK will be created only after a month.

I was armed with hand-held antitank grenade launcher, 2 guys covered. About four in the morning we rose and said come. Warned that the right and left ditches mined. Both our Moscow and hands. Very surprised that at our checkpoint, instead of barricades, stood the anti-tank mines. If they accidentally blew up half our guys would destroy.

When walking down the road, we saw a number of Russian mines, who arrived to us, but did not explode. They were so exactly like their hands stumbles.

Coming in the direction Selidovsky villas (district in Karlovka. – Gazeta.ua), I saw a car that was moving in our direction. Had to lay down. Lay still, head turned slightly and saw 10 inches off the stretch with a grenade f-1. Don’t even want to think what could be. Like remember that time when we were eating the mosquitoes.

Moved on, we’re almost up to their checkpoint. Reconnaissance “Croatia”, hiding in the reeds, came out to stop him. Under the bridge had been invaders armed group. The bell Church was the sniper. But the advance petered out.

First, it was impossible to approach them at close range. One side fully exposed to fire. And the other was swamp. Second, it had to be barrage. But all of our mines flew in the 800 meters to the right of the checkpoint. And the pieces fell into us.

Had to work from an RPG with 304 meters. With the first shot got

Adjust fire the guy from the battalion “Donbass”. He called the mortar and said, “Guys, let’s shoot to the left”.

Later we occupants spotted and began a mutual exchange of fire. In one of the white house, as it turned out that this cafe was a sniper. Received a team is to use the rocket launcher, which should destroy it.

I went all the way down, “Seaver”, “Iranian”. One of ours was in the middle and we had to work with an RPG at 304 meters. With the first shot got into the house and killed the bandit. After that, our group had the opportunity to quietly withdraw. We covered machine-gun fire friend “Simon”. He poured the invaders, and we retreated to his. The adrenaline rush was so much that my head was spinning.

Author: Vitali Martynov

Destroyed by Vitali Mitrinovi the position of the militants during the battle for Karlivka in the summer of 2014

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In addition to a feeling of euphoria, it was something like danger? Or shooting and the sounds of battle blunted her?

It was all, the command ran with difficulty. For example, jumping through a huge raft with a grenade launcher behind his back. Normally in such a hard to repeat. But when you are shooting – the man is capable of anything.

And yet, when leaving, there was just one unpleasant situation. Shoot, I started to recharge the machine. Near me was Bob “the Terminator” from Transcarpathian region. We covered each other. Reloaded his gun, got up and took a bullet in the leg. It wasn’t my bullet, she went to Vasily in the head. At the time he was firing, standing on his knee. I turned around and thus closed it.

The bullet went through my leg and nicked his shoulder “Terminator”. I carried the first Bob and “Croat”. Then 2 fighter APU helped. These soldiers were snipers and 12 July 2014, they were killed.

I took the car out of the battalion “Donbass”, which broke through to us. I went inside, went to the side of our medic – Yana Zinkevych and one of the snipers of the battalion. He was healthy uncle, so we hid under them. The car was attached to the gun. When the car went to safe space, “donbasyata” he shot back. We were in sight of the invaders.

On the way I shifted the van, which was ruled by Vasily canoe, and took in Pokrovsk. He is so madly twisted the wheel of a car. I was worried about everyone and for him too. Because the machine could at any moment to touch the shank of unexploded mines, which on the road were many.

Met my friend from Nagorno-Karabakh

In Pokrovsk met his friend from Nagorno-Karabakh. It was then a combat medic. And here I was operated on as a surgeon. Sergey came in after surgery and said, “Pack your bags, will transfer you into the Dnieper. Came here searching for the wounded separatists and “pravosekov.”

Then the fighter “Right sector” gave $25 thousand the Pokrovsk in the day was ours, and at night there walking around the occupants. Took me in his car, one of the locals.

Author: Vitali Martynov

Vitali Martynov instructed to keep the flag of “Right sector” during the ceremony volunteers

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Vitaly Martynov continues to fight in the ranks of the “Right sector”.


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