“It was not what to feed the family, unemployment was sucking all the power”


“For almost a year can not be removed. Refused to nine scenarios. Don’t want to take part in the false and anti-artistic things. Of course, will not last long, it is necessary to carry out the plan Studio. Increasingly, I think that we need to go home,” writes the actor, 37-year-old Leonid Bykov from Leningrad in a letter to a close friend of the Kharkov theatre Nicholas, Borisenko in 1965.

He was invited to work on a film Studio “Lenfilm” in the five years before that. Had experience in 10 tapes. Most famous role — the Maxim Perepelitsa movie. In Leningrad I got an apartment and a car “Volga”.

Gets roles in several films and shoots Comedy about the life of an actor “Bunny”. The film becomes popular. But criticism of the Soviet bureaucratic system it is tacitly prohibited. The bulls starts to interfere with the management Studio. Annoy strict control, hypocrisy, flattery and corruption.

“I remember a wonderful evening in the Leningrad apartment of Bulls, wrote in the memoirs of screenwriter Yevgeny Onopriyenko. — With Leonid Fedorovich spoke about the years that are dying with our best intentions. Then he told his dream to create a film about the pilots. I gave him the invitation of the then Chairman of the cinema Committee to move to Ukraine. Did not think then that the atmosphere at the Studio Dovzhenko will result in downtime of this great master”.

In 1966, together with his wife and children of the Bulls coming to Kyiv. But to join the local Studio is not possible. His ideas criticizing the leadership. He always just says that he is not satisfied. Because of this constant conflict and remains unemployed.

“I think I lost myself there, — then he writes in the letter. — Another definition can not be found. I idle for three months. Refused to five works. All bad. Go for the salary. Ashamed”.

The editor of the Kiev film Studio. Alexander Dovzhenko Emilia, Conical later wrote in his memoirs: “Before his arrival at the Studio sharply intensified the intrigue. All organizations, art groups, clans tried to pull up on his side. But the Bulls had their own plans for work. However, for unknown reasons, officials from the state of his scenarios covered. And in the Studio immediately lost to the bulls interest. The man who moved to Kiev, left alone with their problems — no job, no apartment, no prospects. The family lived in the hostel”.

“The tall ladies we waited in the lobby of the hotel “Ukraine”. At the last moment of the Bulls hid behind the column, and then disappeared entirely. Afraid not withstand the humiliation, — says Evgeny Onopriyenko about the arrival of a special Commission from Moscow, which had to approve the film “Where are you, knights?” — And the Moscow ladies in the hall launched its ribbon. On hearing this, he said, “Leaves will live”. Then was thankful to “girls from white stone.” They appeared at a time when a six-year simple already brought him to despair. Was not what to feed the family, unemployment sucked the last of his strength and nerves”.

Free time often performs on the banks of the river or lake with a fishing rod.

“Could abandon the party with an important person and to go fishing, he told her daughter Mariana Bykov. — It was his weakness. That though as-that to escape from the hustle and bustle, he always took fishing rods and went fishing. He said that there he calms down and forgets about all the problems.”

Hassle the actor adds his son Oles. Guy wants to serve in the airborne troops. But waiting for the call, finds out about the appointment by the driver to some General. The father sought transfer to military service. In the part of the son is taken to organize a creative meeting with Bykov. After the speech the actor refuses to drink at the Banquet and traveling on business.

Olesya begin to send in the extraordinary outfits Through the month of Leonid Bykov invited again, because that must be the delegation from the headquarters. He refuses. Son beaten and sent to a psychiatric hospital. Then get outta here with a diagnosis of “schizophrenia”.

“My pain, my conscience, my fault — Les. Help him to believe in people. He’s got so many troubles that would be enough for the whole nation,” writes friends of Leonid Bykov.

Son can’t get a job. As a fellow offered him a ride on his father’s “Volga”. Ask to stay near a jewelry store.After 5 minutes run out and order her to run away with the stolen jewels. Passers-by remember the number. Bykov with friends hold. Olesya sent to a psychiatric hospital. My father have a heart attack. Doctors advise him to pull out son and his family to travel abroad.

23 role was played by Leonid Bykov in movie. The most famous — Maxim Perepelitsa movie, corporal svyatkina Victor — “Aty-Baty were soldiers” and the squadron commander Titarenko — “go To fight some old people”. In the latter, he wrote and directed. Except he made another four films.

I wrote the script of his funeral

“Never believe that I’ve imposed on myself. If this happens, know that I wore out. Try to do with the wisdom of Ivan, with the explosive temperament of Nicholas is this: as soon as possible to bring the house, not to torment my — wrote in 1975 Leonid Bykov actor Ivan Mykolaichuk and Director Nikolay Mashchenko. — No orchestras. No studios. Home movie — God Forbid. From home — right back where necessary. This is my cry, a plea. Without the circus, which is called honours. No word of Eulogy, and then I get up and go: will the confusion. Only one of you is one who wants to, will say one word: “goodbye.” So, to make a point, and that we do not understand. Then let the squadron embed “Darkie” from the beginning to the end. Thank you and good-bye.”

Then Leonid Bykov survived the heart attack. Worked on the film “Aty-Baty were soldiers”. The footage with the participation of military equipment and soldiers deteriorated. To obtain permission for re-shooting, goes to the Minister of defense Marshal Andrei Grechko. After a quarrel with him admitted to the hospital. Having recovered, completes the picture.

Then wants to make a film about aliens. It’s not like the leadership, but he stands his ground. Decided to give a lesson. Attack calls, and spreading gossip.

Goes to the country in Strakholissya Chernobyl district in the Kyiv region. The daughter does not let him alone, and even gets in the car. Leonid Bykov categorically against. The next day, April 11, 1979’s coming home. At 16:30 gets into an accident — in front of a car directed at a speed of 20 km/h driving a tractor “Belarus”. The man decided to overtake him, but crashed into the oncoming truck.

People’s opinions were divided. Some talked about suicide, the other a rigged intelligence disaster. The official cause of the accident is called an accident.

Eyewitnesses of accident told that on the day of the accident was the gloomy weather and drizzling. To slow down or to turn was difficult.


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