It is important for Moscow in 2017 to achieve a certain result at the Donbass.

Mitigation of anti-Russian sanctions will happen when the Normandy format of negotiations will reach a certain intermediate result, because Minsk-2 today in effect. This may be a decision on the introduction of international interim administration in the Donbas, the security guarantees for the OSCE mission or the restoration of Ukrainian control over the border.
This opinion of “24” expressed political analyst Sergey Postolovsky.
The expert reminded that Russia is now growing socio-economic problems. In particular, in the banking system growing arrears in wages and pensions, poor infrastructure. Therefore, according to Postolovsky, if sanctions will continue, these problems can not be solved.
Today in Russia, many are asking: Ukraine and the Crimea is good, but why the Russian President and the government does not deal with internal problems, — says the analyst.
Therefore, according to him, Russia is trying to get Europe to derail the topic changes of the Normandy format talks on settling the conflict in the Donbas, offering to involve the United States. Thus, Moscow demonstrates its readiness to continue the path of diplomacy to resolve the conflict.
Thus, according to Sergey Postolovsky, the inclusion of States in the Norman format of negotiations is realistic. Another question is whether the advanced format effective? In his opinion, it is possible.
“This is due to the position of the administration of Donald trump, in particular the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on 7 March during a meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin confirmed that no sanctions will be lifted if Russia will not de-occupation of Donbass and Crimea”, — said the expert.
But, says Postolovsky, it is necessary to understand that this is only a proposal for the extension. A quick result will not, and it may take six months or a year.
Russia is intensifying its actions, because it is important for Moscow in 2017 to achieve a certain result at the Donbass. The Kremlin wants to push the Donbass Ukraine on its own terms. So Kiev have to brush up on foreign policy, to show progress in the internal reform, that we are not forced to sign a new Treaty on unfavorable terms to us, — said Sergey Postolovsky.

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