It became known how much the national team of Ukraine has won awards in 2018: impressive figures

The Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov summed up the results of performances of Ukrainian athletes at international competitions in 2018.

Ukrainian athletes won 5 medals 170 (1 910 gold pieces 633 1 silver and 1 627 bronze) at the international competition in 2018. About this in his Facebook said Igor Zhdanov.

  • National team of Ukraine on Olympic sports in the 813 competitions won 105 gold, 125 silver and 204 bronze medals (total 434).
  • Ukrainian athletes in non-Olympic sports in the 305 1485 competitions won gold, silver and 1242 1169 bronze (3896).
  • Ukrainians with disabilities in 119 contests brought to the Treasury 320 gold medals, 266 silver and bronze 254 (840).

Sports achievements of Ukraine in 2018

Truly grateful to all our athletes, coaches, doctors, masseurs, functionaries of the national teams, the fans for a bright Ukrainian victory on the international stage! It is also the result of collaboration and fruitful work of Minerologist, national federations, the NOC of Ukraine, the UWC, NXU, local authorities. Together to new victories,
– wrote Igor Zhdanov.

It is worth saying that in 2018 the national team of Ukraine has won the third ever gold in the winter Olympics.

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