It became known how much the budget of Minsk spent on preparing the site for Chinese pool


The authorities claimed that all will be built at the expense of China.

The budget of Minsk spent on site preparation for the construction of the Chinese pool of international standard on Calvary approximately 10.3 million rubles. Such information contains the investment program of the capital in 2020, according to

In June 2018 Lukashenko signed a decree on preparation of the territory for the construction of a swimming pool of international standard on Calvary (on the former site of the printing house “Krasnaya Zvezda”). Its up to 2023 China will build their own money, and then pass to the Belarusian side. It is a kind of gratitude for the right to implement on the territory of Belarus major economic projects.

But the Chinese are preparing the budget of Minsk. And this is demolition of buildings (in the first place — “red star”) and working with utilities: they the repair, removal, relocation, demolition and construction. As follows from the capital investment programme for 2020, the estimated cost of all this — about 13,1 million roubles. Work was to hold in 2018-2019, and in October of last year the site looked like this:

As of January 1, 2020, in preparation for the pool used is less than that provided by the estimates, namely, about 10.3 million rubles, or about 4,86 million dollars. For 2020 it is planned to spend for this purpose only 60 thousand rubles.

What will be the pool and by what standards it will build

The pool will have a capacity of 6 thousand seats and will include a podium, space for spectators, VIP room facilities for athletes, including training facilities, the administration (at the time of the competition organizers), room for media, technical offices for competitions and administration, commercial space, outdoor Parking for 400 seats, swimming pools. The total construction area is about 40 thousand square meters.

Design and construction of the pool will be conducted by Chinese standards, norms and technical recommendations of the international swimming Federation, FINA, without their adaptation to current norms and standards of Belarus.

Note that the same principle China will build a football stadium on Vaneeva. But the total estimated cost of all works on site preparation for it in the programme no. China allocates for the construction of the pool and stadium is approximately $ 180 million.