Is the entry of NATO ships in the Black sea with the presidential elections in Ukraine

In the Black sea on March 28, came in two ships of NATO on 1 April will arrive in the Odessa sea port. However, the ships were planned long ago and has nothing to do with events in Ukraine, in particular, with the presidential elections which will be held March 31.

Two ships from the 2-second permanent naval group of NATO entered the Black sea during a visit to Ukraine will hold joint exercises with the military Navy. The captains during their stay in Odessa will hold a meeting with the military Armed forces of Ukraine and will work with the sailors of the Navy. Russia has already reacted on this event – the ships of the naval fleet began surveillance of a group of three frigates of NATO.

The official representative of the Alliance in comments UNN said that the Second permanent naval group of NATO now conducting patrols in the Black sea in anticipation of the exercise “Sea shield 2019” (Sea Shield 2019). These exercises were planned long ago.

This is an annual exercise undertaken by Romania. No patrols or maneuvers not related to the events in Ukraine. Three allied countries border the Black sea, and NATO regularly conducts exercises and operations in the Black sea, to maintain a reliable level of deterrence and preparedness,
– said the representative of the Alliance.

NATO ships for the first time will be in the Black sea during the presidential elections in Ukraine and the results of the voting. In the water area will be almost complete the percussion part of the 2nd Mediterranean group of the NATO frigates consisting of four frigates and one comprehensive supply ship.

A NATO warship in the Black sea

What is known about the entry of NATO ships in the Black sea?
The group of NATO ships enter Black sea to conduct joint exercises with the Ukrainian military. This will be part of increasing the presence of NATO forces in the region and support to Ukraine from allies. In 2019 almost monthly permanent grouping of NATO ships will come into the Ukrainian ports. Also, special attention of the partners will be aimed at helping military and air forces of Ukraine.

NATO ships have once visited the port of Odessa. On the morning of 25 February a rocket destroyer of Naval Forces of the United States USS Donald Cook entered the Odessa commercial sea port. The ship had been in town three days. The purpose of entering vehicle in Ukraine has been strengthening cooperation with NATO partners and the conduct of operations to ensure Maritime security and stability in the region.”

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