Irina Shayk shocking appearance after childbirth

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Irina Shayk


According to the materials:

The model proved that she is the ordinary woman.

A few days ago it became known that the famous model is already a few weeks ago gave birth to a daughter, so it is not surprising that all the attention the paparazzi chained to her person. In turn, Irina tries once again not to appear in public, and only goes on short walks with loved ones.

As it is unfortunate, but the latest pictures Shayk prove that the model is the same as all women. Although already a noticeable result of work on oneself, but post-Natal tummy and casual styling which again confirms that motherhood is a very hard thing to do.

The only thing bye beautiful – it’s chubby cheeks, which she gorged yourself during pregnancy. Knowing the hard work of Irina Shayk, it seems that very soon we will see her in perfect shape .

In the meantime, the model has every right to look how she pleases! By his example, it only supports all women who are afraid that after pregnancy they will become unattractive. Irina proved that motherhood is a natural and beautiful always.

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