Instead of violets, gloxinia bloomed: scientists have found a “blooper” clip of KAZKA for the song “Crying”

Just two months ago KAZKA Ukrainian group presented the video for the song “Crying” which won about 56 million views. In addition, the song reached the Top 10 popular songs international chart Shazam. However, scientists of the National Museum of natural history at NAS of Ukraine noticed a gaffe in the new video.

This is stated on the official website of the Museum in Facebook.

The chorus begins with, “Cried I; violet rescue”. But scientists said that the screens were “a little bit wrong violet”.

The star of the clip was Saintpaulia, aka African violet, which does not even belong to the family of violet! It is gesneriaceae, species which do not grow in the wild in Ukraine
– stated in the message.

So, according to biologists, Saintpaulia grows in Africa, and it can be found near waterfalls and rivers of Tanzania and Kenya.

The soloist of the group KAZKA / Instagram

The soloist of the group KAZKA / Instagram

The song “Crying” of the group KAZKA: watch the video


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